John Milton : Twentieth Century Perspectives : Paradise Lost 〈4〉

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John Milton : Twentieth Century Perspectives : Paradise Lost 〈4〉

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Explores the most significant aspects of Milton's great epic, Paradise Lost-- its revolutionary style, its representation of God and Satan, its treatment of marriage, its theology, and its politics.

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First published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Table of Contents

Volume Introduction                                ix
The Harassed Reader in Paradise Lost 2 (21)
Stanley Fish
Uninventing Milton 23 (18)
John P. Rumrich
Genre and Style
Paradise Lost: The Uncertain Epic 41 (15)
Balachandra Rajan
A Note on the Verse of John Milton 56 (9)
T. S. Eliot
The Grand Style, excerpt 65 (22)
Christopher Ricks
The Limbs of Truth: Milton's Use of Simile in 87 (18)
Paradise Lost
Linda Gregerson
Ironic and Ambiguous Allusion in Paradise Lost 105(10)
Douglas Bush
Milton's Arminianism and Paradise Lost 115(28)
Dennis Danielson
Milton's Arianism: Why It Matters 143(18)
John P. Rumrich
The Mortalist Heresy in Paradise Lost 161(4)
Gordon Campbell
The Fallacy of the Fall in Paradise Lost 165(22)
Millicent Bell
Milton's Rejection of the Fortunate Fall 187(6)
Virginia R. Mollenkott
Paradise Lost and the Colonial Imperative 193(20)
Paul Stevens
Paradise Lost and Milton's Politics 213(28)
Barbara Kiefer Lewalski
When Eve Reads Milton: Undoing the Canonical 241(28)
Christine Froula
Wrestling with the Angel: Paradise Lost and 269(18)
Feminist Criticism
William Shullenberger
The Problem of Satan 287(16)
Balachandra Rajan
The Poet and Satan in Paradise Lost 303(24)
William G. Riggs
Milton's Sin and Death: The Ontology of 327(22)
Allegory in Paradise Lost
Stephen M. Fallon
Milton's Defensive God: a Reappraisal 349(14)
Gary D. Hamilton
``Uncloister'd Virtue'': Adam and Eve in 363(20)
Milton's Paradise
Thomas Blackburn
Copyright Acknowledgments 383