Hispanics/Latinos in the United States : Ethnicity, Race, and Rights

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Hispanics/Latinos in the United States : Ethnicity, Race, and Rights

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The presence and impact of Hispanics/Latinos in the United States cannot be ignored. Already the largest minority group, by 2050 their numbers will exceed all the other minority groups in the United States combined. The diversity of this population is often understated, but the people differ in terms of their origin, race. language, custom, religion, political affiliation, education and economic status. The heterogeneity of the Hispanic/Latino population raises questions about their identity and their rights: do they really constitute a group? That is, do they have rights as a group, or just as individuals? This volume, addresses these concerns through a varied and interdisciplinary approach.

Table of Contents

An Introduction Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity,         1  (22)
Race, and Rights
Is Latina/o Identity a Racial Identity? 23 (22)
Linda Martin Alcoff
The Making of New Peoples Hispanizing Race 45 (16)
Eduardo Mendieta
Negotiating Latina Identities 61 (16)
Ofelia Schutte
Cultural Particularity Versus Universal 77 (22)
Humanity The Value of Being Asimilao
Paula M. L. Moya
The Larger Picture Hispanics/Latinos [and 99 (26)
Latino Studies] in the Colonial Horizon of
Walter D. Mignolo
``It Must Be a Fake!'' Racial Ideologies, 125(22)
Identities, and the Question of Rights
Suzanne Oboler
Stucture, Difference, and Hispanic/Latino 147(20)
Claims of Justice
Iris Marion Young
Universalism, Particularism, and Group Rights 167(14)
The Case of Hispanics
Leonardo Zaibert
Elizabeth Millan-Zaibert
Accommodation Rights for Hispanics in the 181(20)
United States
Thomas W. Pogge
Affirmative Action for Hispanics? Yes and No 201(22)
Jorge J. E. Gracia
Latino Identity and Affirmative Action 223(12)
J. Angelo Corlett
Deliberation and Hispanic Representation 235(18)
Pablo De Greiff
Bibliography 253(16)
Contributors 269(4)
Subject Index 273(4)
Name Index 277