American Encounters : Natives and Newcomers from European Contact to Indian Removal-1500-1850 (Reprint)

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American Encounters : Natives and Newcomers from European Contact to Indian Removal-1500-1850 (Reprint)

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Full Description

Newly expanded, the second edition of American Encounters provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date collection of scholarship on the Native American experience from European contact through the Removal Era. Retaining the hallmark essays from the celebrated first edition, the second edition contains thirteen new essays, emphasizing the most recent, noteworthy areas of inquiry, including gender relations, slavery and captivity, and the effects of Christianity on the course of native history. With each essay prefaced by helpful headnotes that highlight key concepts and draw connections among the essays, plus an expansive 'Further Readings' section, the second edition of American Encounters is an indispensable volume for both professors and students of early American history.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       xi
Chronology xiii
``The Indians' Old World: Native Americans 3 (23)
and the Coming of Europeans''
Neal Salisbury
``The Indians' New World: The Catawba 26 (27)
James H. Merrell
PART ONE Contact Arenas
Demography and Disease
``Ecological Imperialism: The Overseas 53 (15)
Migration of Western Europeans as a
Biological Phenomenon''
Alfred W. Crosby
Ideology and Spirituality
``Amerindian Views of French Culture in the 68 (28)
Seventeenth Century''
Cornelius J. Jaenen
``Iroquois Women, European Women'' 96 (23)
Natalie Zemon Davis
``The Berdache and the Illinois Indian Tribe 119 (18)
during the Last Half of the Seventeenth
Raymond Hauser
``Generations of Faith: The Christian Indians 137 (24)
of Martha's Vineyard''
James P. Ronda
``Of Missionaries and Their Cattle: Ojibwa 161 (15)
Perceptions of a Missionary as Evil Shaman''
Rebecca Kugel
Economy and Exchange
``A New Perspective on Indian-White Contact: 176 (18)
Cultural Symbols and Colonial Trade''
Christopher L. Miller
George R. Hamell
``The Bewitching Tyranny of Custom': The 194 (22)
Social Costs of Indian Drinking in Colonial
Peter C. Mancall
``The Frontier Exchange Economy of the Lower 216 (24)
Mississippi Valley in the Eighteenth Century''
Daniel H. Usner, Jr.
``The Three Lives of Keowee: Loss and 240 (21)
Recovery in the Eighteenth-Century Cherokee
M. Thomas Hatley
``The First Whalemen of Nantucket'' 261 (22)
Daniel Vickers
Diplomacy and Warfare
``War and Culture: The Iroquois Experience'' 283 (28)
Daniel K. Richter
``Ruling `the Republic of Indians' in 311 (13)
Seventeenth-Century Florida''
Amy Turner Bushnell
``The White Indians of Colonial America'' 324 (27)
James Axtell
``Dressing for Success on the Mohawk 351 (28)
Frontier: Hendrick, William Johnson, and the
Indian Fashion''
Timothy J. Shannon
PART TWO From Revolution to Removal, and Beyond
``Thinking and Believing: Nativism and Unity 379 (25)
in the Ages of Pontiac and Tecumseh''
Gregory Evans Dowd
``The Glaize in 1792: A Composite Indian 404 (22)
Helen Hornbeck Tanner
``The Right to a Name: The Narragansett 426 (26)
People and Rhode Island Officials in the
Revolutionary Era''
Ruth Wallis Herndon
Ella Wilcox Sekatau
``Cherokee Anomie, 1794-1810: New Roles for 452 (25)
Red Men, Red Women, and Black Slaves''
William G. McLoughlin
``The Staff of Leadership: Indian Authority 477 (28)
in the Missions of Alta California''
Steven W. Hackel
``Levantamiento!: The 1824 Chumash Uprising 505 (21)
James A. Sandos
``Cherokee Women and the Trail of Tears'' 526 (15)
Theda Perdue
``The Winning of the West: The Expansion of 541 (22)
the Western Sioux in the Eighteenth and
Nineteenth Centuries''
Richard White
Further Reading 563 (6)
Notes on Contributors 569 (2)
Permissions Acknowledgments 571 (2)
Index 573