The North Korean Nuclear Program : Security, Strategy, and New Perspectives from Russia

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The North Korean Nuclear Program : Security, Strategy, and New Perspectives from Russia

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Full Description

The contributors discuss Soviet-North Korean nuclear relations, economic and military aspects of the nuclear programme, the nuclear energy sector, North Korea's negotiations with the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization, co-operative security, and US policy. Focusing on North Korean attitudes and perspectives, the text also includes Russian interviews with North Korean officials.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    viii
Foreword ix
Mitchell B. Reiss
Russia, North Korea, and U.S. Policy toward 1 (14)
the Nuclear Crisis
James Clay Moltz
Part I The History of the North Korean Nuclear
A Technical History of Soviet--North Korean 15 (6)
Nuclear Relations
Georgiy Kaurov
Nuclear Institutions and Organizations in 21 (6)
North Korea
Valery I. Denisov
A Political History of Soviet--North Korean 27 (14)
Nuclear Cooperation
Alexander Zhebin
Part II The Economic Context of the North
Korean Nuclear Program
Economic Aspects of the North Korean Nuclear 41 (10)
Vladimir D. Andrianov
The North Korean Energy Sector 51 (9)
Valentin I. Moiseyev
Economic Factors and the Stability of the 60 (16)
North Korean Regime
Natalya Bazhanova
The Natural Disasters of the Mid-1990s and 76 (17)
Their Impact on the Implementation of the
Agreed Framework
Alexandre Y. Mansourov
Part III Political and Military Factors behind
the North Korean Nuclear Program
Nuclear Blackmail and North Korea's Search 93 (8)
for a Place in the Sun
Alexander Platkovskiy
Military-Strategic Aspects of the North 101 (9)
Korean Nuclear Program
Evgeniy P. Bazhanov
Leadership Politics in North Korea and the 110 (17)
Nuclear Program
Roald V. Savel'yev
Part IV The International Context of the North
Korean Nuclear Program
North Korea's Decision to Develop an 127 (11)
Independent Nuclear Program
Natalya Bazhanova
North Korea and the Nuclear Nonproliferation 138 (18)
Vladimir F. Li
North Korea's Negotiations with the Korean 156 (15)
Peninsula Energy Development Organization
Alexandre Y. Mansourov
China and the Korean Peninsula: Managing an 171 (8)
Unstable Triangle
Evgeniy P. Bazhanov
James Clay Moltz
The Korean Peninsula and the Security of 179 (18)
Russia's Primorskiy Kray (Maritime Province)
Larisa V. Zabrovskaya
Part V Unsettled Problems and Future Issues
The Renewal of Russian--North Korean Relations 197 (13)
James Clay Moltz
The Korean Peninsula: From Inter--Korean 210 (9)
Confrontation to a System of Cooperative
Alexander Zarubin
Russian Views of the Agreed Framework and the 219 (17)
Four-Party Talks
Evgeniy P. Bazhanov
Pyongyang's Stake in the Agreed Framework 236 (9)
Alexandre Y. Mansourov
Notes 245 (24)
Contributors 269 (2)
Index 271