Sauer's Herbal Cures : America's First Book of Botanic Healing

Sauer's Herbal Cures : America's First Book of Botanic Healing

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Full Description

Colonial Americans who needed to relieve a bellyache, concoct an insect repellent, brew a batch of hair dye, or mix a soothing nerve tonic knew just where to turn: Johann Christoph Sauer's "Compendius Herbal." The most popular concordance of herbal remedies of the time, it remains today one of the most magnificent collections of botanical wisdom available anywhere. Originally written in German by a Philadelphian apothecary and printer (who along with his father were rivals of Ben Franklin), the secrets of this long-lost classic have now been recovered through the loving translation of internationally known food historian William Woys Weaver. Adding descriptions of the 266 plants listed, 50 period woodcuts, and cultural information that place Sauer's advice in its historical context, Weaver has made this treasury of herbal lore accessible to today's readers while preserving the unique mixture of quaint advice, common sense, ancient wisdom, and practical gardening knowledge that made the original so useful and endearing. From a time where cooking and gardening were more closely entwined with medicine and spirituality, "Sauer's Herbal Cures" offers a fascinating mix of history, recipes, home cures, botanical advice -- and even a bit of witchcraft -- that will delight gardeners, herbalists, cooks, and readers interested in holistic medicine.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           ix
Jean-Philippe Derenne
Introduction xi
Part I Christopher Sauer: Book Printer and 1 (28)
Part II The Compendious Herbal (1762-1778) 29 (334)
Agaric to Zedoary 35 (328)
Glossary of Eighteenth-Century Medical Terms 363(6)
with English and German Equivalents
Bibliography 369(10)
Index of Persons, Physicians, and Herbalists 379(4)
General Index 383