Global Pop : World Music, World Markets

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Global Pop : World Music, World Markets

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From the Tibetan Buddhist and Native American influences in the music of Pauline Oliveros to the arresting blend of Jamaican dancehall, rap, and bhangra of Apache Indians, this groundbreaking work examines the rise of 'world music' and 'world beat'.

Table of Contents

        Lists of Tables, Figures, and Music        xi  (2)
Acknowledgments xiii(2)
Introduction xv
1 Popular Musics and Globalization 1 (38)
Hasn't World Music Been Around for
Thousands of Years?
Welcome to the Market
World Musicians
World Music Listeners
The Discourses of World Music
2 "Nothin' but the Same Old Story": Old 39 (30)
Hegemonies, New Musics
Peter Gabriel: Us
The Work of Art in an Era of Minimal
Kronos Quartet: Pieces of Africa
3 Strategies of Resistance 69 (30)
Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Two Worlds One
Rhoma Irama: "Qur'an dan Koran"
Djur Djura: Women of the (Third) World,
4 A Music of One's Own 99 (26)
Pauline Oliveros
D'Cuckoo: Umoja
5 Strategic Inauthenticity 125 (22)
Youssou N'Dour: "A Modern Griot"
Angelique Kidjo: "Let's Create A Better
Whose Authenticity?
6 Anglo-Asian Self-Fashioning 147 (26)
Sheila Chandra: "From Me You've Stolen East
and West"
Apache Indian's No Reservations: "A Very
British Sound"
Bhangra in the U.S.
7 Toward a More Perfect Union: 173 (24)
Cross-Cultural Collaborations
Johnny Clegg, Sipho Mchunu, and Juluka
The SongCatchers: "History 101"
Zap Mama: The Sound of Channel Surfing
8 Conclusions: We Are the World, and the 197 (10)
World Is Us
Binaries? Yes/No
Whose Hybridity?
The "Global Postmodern"
Appendices 207 (26)
Appendix 1: Billboard World Music Charts,
Arranged Chronologically
Appendix 2: History of the Folk, Ethnic, and
World Music Grammy Awards
Appendix 3: "Donall Og"
References 233 (26)
Musical Scores
Unpublished Materials
Internet Sites
Internet Newsgroups
Publications/Interviews/Materials Available
only on the Internet
Books and Articles
Permissions 259 (2)
Index 261