God's Gym : Divine Male Bodies of the Bible


God's Gym : Divine Male Bodies of the Bible

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  • 製本 Hardcover:ハードカバー版/ページ数 185 p.
  • 言語 ENG,ENG
  • 商品コード 9780415917568
  • DDC分類 220.6


In this original work, Moore considers God's male bodies and our obsessive earthly quest for the perfect human form. God's is about divinity, physical pain and the visions of male perfectibility.

Full Description

In this strikingly original work, Stephen Moore considers God's male bodies--the body of Yahweh in the Hebrew Bible, and the Father of Jesus Christ, and Jesus himself in the New Testament--and our obsessive earthly quest for a perfect human form. God's Gym is about divinity, physical pain, and the visions of male perfectability.Weaving together his obsession with human anatomy and dissection, an interest in the technologies of torture, the cult of physical culture, and an expert knowledge of biblical criticism, Moore explains the male narcissism at the heart of the biblical God. God's Gym is an intensely personal book, brimming with our culture's phobias and fascinations about male perfectability.

Table of Contents

        List of Figures                            ix
Preface: A Phobia and Two Fascinations xi
Torture: The Divine Butcher
Opening Confession: ``My Father Was a 3 (1)
Mors turpissima crucis 4 (4)
Spectacle and Surveillance 8 (3)
``His Mighty and Annihilating Reaction'' 11 (6)
``What a Primitive Mythology'' 17 (5)
God's Own (Pri) son 22 (8)
The Dark Twins 30 (3)
Closing Confession: ``Bless Me, Father...'' 33 (4)
Dissection: How Jesus' Risen Body Became a
Prologue: How Jesus' Corpse Became a Book 37 (3)
Ecclesia abhorret a sanguine 40 (10)
A Gray;s Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel 50 (7)
Culpepper's Eye-agram 57 (5)
Autopsy, in Which the Coroners and Medical 62 (9)
Examiners Converge on the Corpse of Christ
Epilogue: ``The Miserable Mangled Object'' 71 (5)
Resurrection: Horrible Pain, Glorious Gain
Pure Muscle 76 (6)
Corporeal God 82 (4)
Gigantic God 86 (6)
Androgynous God 92 (10)
No Pain, No Gain 102(3)
Go(1)d's Gym 105(3)
Colossal Christ 108(9)
Heaven Can Be Hell 117(13)
The Beatific Vision 130(9)
Epilogue: Good Friday the Thirteenth? 139(2)
Works Cited 141(24)
General Index 165(8)
Index of Ancient Sources 173