And Then I Became Gay : Young Men's Stories

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And Then I Became Gay : Young Men's Stories

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Full Description

"...And Then I Became Gay is about the lives of young men who express the complications, adversities, and satisfactions of being a sexual outsider in North America during the 1980s and 1990s. Consisting of narratives which chronicle developmental progression from first memories of being attracted to other males to a subsequent integration of their sexual identity with a personal identity, this book is also unique in its cross-section of men from different ethnic backgrounds. Although each story in this volume has a personal meaning to the individual youth disclosing it, aspects of these narratives can express a normative experience growing up gay or bisexual during the past two decades. For many of the contributors and readers, these stories may prove to be not only ones of coming out, but coming of age.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            xi
1. Personal Stories and Sexuality 1 (20)
Personal Stories
The Book's Organization
Developmental Themes: Similar or Unique?
Continuities and Discontinuities
Turning Points
Differential Developmental Trajectories
The Current Study
The Researcher
Summary of Group Findings
A Final Reflection
2. Childhood: Memories of Same-Sex 21 (26)
Captivation with Masculinity
Acting Like a Girl
Not Acting Like a Boy
Acting Like a Boy
Reflections on the Childhood of
Gay/Bisexual Youths
3. Labeling Feelings and Attractions 47 (20)
Puberty and Its Effects
Prepubertal Awareness
Pubertal Onset Awareness
Awareness during Puberty and Beyond
Girls and Girlfriends
Verbal Ridicule during Adolescence
Reflections on Labeling Attractions as
4. First Gay Sex 67 (30)
First Gay Sex
First Gay Sex during Childhood
First Gay Sex during Early Adolescence
First Gay Sex during Middle Adolescence
First Gay Sex during Young Adulthood
Gay Virgins
Reflections on First Gay Sex
5. First Heterosexual Sex 97 (24)
First Heterosexual Sex
First Heterosexual Sex during Childhood
First Heterosexual Sex during Early
First Heterosexual Sex during Middle
First Heterosexual Sex during Young
Reflections of First Heterosexual Sex
6. Labeling Self as Gay or Bisexual 121(20)
Self-Identifying as Gay or Bisexual
Childhood and Early Adolescence
The High-School Years
The College Years
Reflections on Self-Identifying as Gay or
7. Disclosure to Others 141(18)
Disclosure to Others
Disclosure during Adolescence
Disclosure during Young Adulthood
Reflections on First Disclosures
8. First Gay Romance 159(22)
Characteristics of First Gay Romances
First Relationship during Adolescence
Age-Discrepant Relationships
Reflections on Same-Sex Romances
9. Positive Identity 181(22)
The Youths' Narratives
Heterosexual Friends
Gay Friends
Exposure to Gay Culture/Communities
Romantic Relationships
Educational Material
Early Awareness
Youths Struggling to Feel Positive
Suicide Risks
Reflections on a Positive Identity
10. Ethnic Youths 203(18)
African American Youths
Latino Youths
Asian American Youths
Reflections on Ethnic Youths Who Are
11. The Diversity of Gay Youth 221(14)
Differential Sequences of Developmental
Further Evidence for Gay Diversity
Final Reflections
Notes 235