Men Doing Feminism (Thinking Gender)

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Men Doing Feminism (Thinking Gender)

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First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.and to convey the opportunities and challenges involved in integrating feminism into men's lives.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    ix (2)
Foreword xi
Sandra Bartky
Introduction 1 (16)
Tom Digby
Part 1: Feminist Theory from Men's Lives 17 (154)
1. My Father the Feminist 17 (16)
Susan Bordo
2. How Feminism Made a Man Out of Me: The 33 (24)
Proper Subject of Feminism and the Problem of
Patrick D. Hopkins
3. Who's Afraid of Men Doing Feminism? 57 (12)
Michael S. Kimmel
4. On Your Knees: Carnal Knowledge, 69 (12)
Masculine Dissolution, Doing Feminism
Brian Pronger
5. Profeminist Men and Their Friends 81 (18)
Richard Schmitt
6. Tracing a Ghostly Memory in My Throat: 99 (32)
Reflections on Ftm Feminist Voice and Agency
C. Jacob Hale
7. Teaching Women Philosophy (as a Feminist 131(16)
Thomas E. Wartenberg
8. A Black Man's Place in Black Feminist 147(24)
Michael Awkward
Part 2: Feminist Theory in Men's Lives 171(184)
9. Can Men Be Subjects of Feminist Thought? 171(26)
Sandra Harding
10. To Be a Man, or Not to Be a Man-That Is 197(16)
the Feminist Question
Harry Brod
11. Male Feminism as Oxymoron 213(24)
David J. Kahane
12. Antiracist (Pro)Feminisms and Coalition 237(18)
Politics: "No Justice, No Peace"
Joy James
13. Feminism and the Future of Fathering 255(20)
Judith Kegan Gardiner
14. A New Response to "Angry Black 275(16)
(Anti)Feminists": Reclaiming Feminist
Forefathers, Becoming Womanist Sons
Gary Lemons
15. Is Feminism Good for Men and Are Men 291(14)
Good for Feminism?
James P. Sterba
16. Reading Like a (Transsexual) Man 305(20)
Henry S. Rubin
17. Feminist Ambiguity in Heterosexual 325(12)
Lives: Reflections on Andrea Dworkin
Laurence Mordekhai Thomas
18. A Progressive Male Standpoint 337(18)
Larry May
Contributor Notes 355