Ungrounded Empires : The Cultural Politics of Modern Chinese Transnationalism

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Ungrounded Empires : The Cultural Politics of Modern Chinese Transnationalism

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Full Description

In the last two decades, Chinese transnationalism has become a distinctive domain within the new "flexible" capitalism emerging in the Asia-Pacific region. Ungrounded Empires maps this domain as the intersection of cultural politics and global capitalism, drawing on recent ethnographic research to critique the impact of late capitalism's institutions--flexibility, travel, subcontracting, multiculturalism, and mass media--upon transnational Chinese subjectives. Interweaving anthropology and cultural studies with interpretive political economy, these essays offer a wide range of perspectives on "overseas Chinese" and their unique location in the global arena.

Table of Contents

Introduction  Chinese Transnationalism as an       3  (34)
Alternative Modernity
Donald M. Nonini
Aihwa Ong
Part 1 Transiting to Modernity: The Wildness 37 (52)
and Power of Early Chinese Transnationalism
Preface 37 (2)
1 Nationalists Among Transnationals: 39 (22)
Overseas Chinese and the Idea of China,
Prasenjit Duara
2 Boundaries and Transgressions: Chinese 61 (28)
Enterprise in Eighteenth- and
Nineteenth-Century Southeast Asia
Carl A. Trocki
Part 2 Family, Guanxi, and Space: Discourses 89 (78)
and Practices in the Age of Flexibility
Preface 89 (2)
3 Space, Mobility, and Flexibility: Chinese 91 (24)
Villagers and Scholars Negotiate Power at
Home and Abroad
Xin Liu
4 Factory Regimes of Chinese Capitalism: 115(28)
Different Cultural Logics in Labor Control
Ching Kwan Lee
5 Building Guanxi Across the Straits: 143(24)
Taiwanese Capital and Local Chinese
You-tien Hsing
Part 3 Transnational Identities and 167(92)
Nation-State Regimes of Truth and Power
Preface 167(4)
6 Chinese Modernities: Narratives of Nation 171(32)
and of Capitalism
Aihwa Ong
7 Shifting Identities, Positioned 203(25)
Imaginaries: Transnational Traversals and
Reversals by Malaysian Chinese
Donald M. Nonini
8 Transnational Subjects: Constituting the 228(31)
Cultural Citizen in the Era of Pacific Rim
Katharyne Mitchell
Part 4 The Self-Making and Being-Made of 259(64)
Transnational Subjectivities
Preface 259(2)
9 The Thoroughly Modern "Asian": Capital, 261(26)
Culture, and Nation in Thailand and the
Cristina Szanton Blanc
10 Mass Media and Transnational Subjectivity 287(36)
in Shanghai: Notes on (Re)Cosmopolitanism in
a Chinese Metropolis
Mayfair Mei-hui Yang
Afterword Toward a Cultural Politics of 323(10)
Diaspora and Transnationalism
Aihwa Ong
Donald M. Nonini
Notes on Contributors 333(4)
Index 337