Science and Homosexualities

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Science and Homosexualities

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Examines European and American scientific research on sexual orientation since the coining of the word 'homosexual' almost 150 years ago.

Full Description

Science and Homosexualities is the first anthology by historians of science to examine European and American scientific research on sexual orientation since the coining of the word "homosexual" almost 150 years ago. This collection is particularly timely given the enormous scientific and popular interest in biological studies of homosexuality, and the importance given such studies in current legal, legislative and cultural debates concerning gay civil rights. However, scientific and popular literature discussing the biology of sexual orientation have been short-sighted in representing it as objective, new scientific work. This volume demonstrates that the quest for the biological "cause" of homosexuality and other sexualities is as old as the term itself. These essays explore the active role experimental subjects played in shaping scientific theories of homosexuality and cultural perceptions of sexuality and sexual identity. Finally this anthology studies the way in which this doctor-patient interaction shaped not only scientific theories of homosexuality, but also cultural perceptions and self-identities as well.Contributors include: Garland E. Allen, Erin G. Carlston, Julian Carter, Alice D. Dreger, Anne Fausto-Sterling, Margaret Gibson, Stephanie Kenen, Hubert Kennedy, Harry Oosterhuis, James Steakley, Richard Pillard, Jennifer Terry

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    ix
Homosexual Bio-Histories: Genetic Nostalgias 1 (25)
and the Quest for Paternity
Vernon A. Rosario
Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, First Theorist of 26 (20)
Hubert Kennedy
Hermaphrodites in Love: The Truth of the 46 (21)
Alice D. Dreger
Richard von Krafft-Ebing's ``Step-Children Of 67 (22)
Nature'': Psychiatry and the Making of
Homosexual Identity
Harry Oosterhuis
Inversion's Histories | History's 89 (19)
Inversions: Novelizing Fin-de-Siecle
Vernon A. Rosario
Clitoral Corruption: Body Metaphors and 108(25)
American Doctors' Constructions of Female
Homosexuality, 1870--1900
Margaret Gibson
Per scientiam ad justitiam: Magnus Hirschfeld 133(22)
and the Sexual Politics of Innate
James D. Steakley
Normality, Whiteness, Authorship: 155(22)
Evolutionary Sexology and the Primitive
Julian Carter
``A Finer Differentiation'': Female 177(20)
Homosexuality and the American Medical
Community, 1926--1940
Erin G. Carlston
Who Counts When You're Counting Homosexuals? 197(22)
Hormones and Homosexuality in
Mid-Twentieth-Century America
Stephanie H. Kenen
How to Build a Man 219(7)
Anne Fausto-Sterling
The Search for a Genetic Influence on Sexual 226(16)
Richard C. Pillard
The Double-Edged Sword of Genetic 242(29)
Determinism: Social and Political Agendas in
Genetic Studies of Homosexuality, 1940--1994
Garland E. Allen
The Seductive Power of Science in the Making 271(26)
of Deviant Subjectivity
Jennifer Terry
Notes on Contributors 297(4)
Index 301