The Near Death Experience : A Reader


The Near Death Experience : A Reader

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Full Description

The Near Death Experienceof NDE cases and interpretations ever assembled. This book encompasses a broad range of disciplines: psychological researchers discuss cognitive models and Jungian theories of meaningful archetypal phenomena; the biological perspectivedescribes how brains near death may produce soothing endorphins, optical illusions, and convincing hallucinations. Philosophers present empirical analyses and images in archetypal theories, and the symbolic language of comparative phenomenological theories. Christian, Jewish and Mormon responses to NDEs outline the religious perspective, and the mystical and spiritual interpretations of NDEs are also explored.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    vii
A Note on the Text ix
Introduction 1 (24)
The Light Beyond
The Experience of Almost Dying 25 (14)
Raymond Moody
Through the light and Beyond 39 (14)
Mellen-Thomas Benedict
Embraced by the light 53 (8)
Betty Eadie
Saved by the Light 61 (26)
Dannion Brinkley
Unknown Well-Known Near-Death Experiences
Peter Sellers, Eddie Rickenbacker, Plato, 71 (16)
and Black Elk
Lee W. Bailey
My Life After Dying 87 (14)
George Ritchie
Visions/Life after Death 101(12)
Carl G. Jung
On Dreams and Death 113(14)
Marie-Louise von Franz
The Archetype of Death and Enlightenment 127(80)
Michael Grosso
Being of Light
Dreaming the Vision Onward 145(12)
Jenny Yates
The Near-Death Experience
A Staircase to Heaven? 157(22)
Sogyal Rinpoche
Near-Death Experience
Implications for Human Evolution and 179(20)
Planetary Transformation
Kenneth Ring
Near-Death Experiences
Relevance to the Question of Survival After 199(8)
Ian Stevenson
Bruce Greyson
Distressing Near-Death Experiences 207(24)
Bruce Greyson
Nancy Evans Bush
What Is Not Being Said About the Near-Death 231(88)
P. M. H. Atwater
Near-Death Reports
Evidence for Survival of Death? 245(20)
Robert Kastenbaum
Neuroscience, Ketamine, and the Near-Death
The Role of Glutamate and the NMDA Receptor 265(18)
Karl Jansen
Near-Death Experiences
In or Out of the Body? 283(16)
Susan Blackmore
Parting Visions
A New Scientific Paradigm 299(20)
Melvin Morse
Who Might Survive the Death of the Body? 319(10)
Charles Tart
Evaluating Near-Death Testimony 329(28)
Carol Zaleski
The Near-Death Experience and the Perennial 357(12)
David Lorimer
Mysticism and the Near-Death Experience 369(16)
Judith Cressy
The No Thing-ness of Near-Death Experiences 385(18)
Lee W. Bailey
Bibliography 403