Dislocating Cultures : Identities, Traditions, and Third-World Feminism (Thinking Gender)

Dislocating Cultures : Identities, Traditions, and Third-World Feminism (Thinking Gender)

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Full Description

Dislocating Cultures takes aim at the related notions of nation, identity, and tradition to show how Western and Third World scholars have misrepresented Third World cultures and feminist agendas. Drawing attention to the political forces that have spawned, shaped, and perpetuated these misrepresentations since colonial times, Uma Narayan inspects the underlying problems which "culture" poses for the respect of difference and cross-cultural understanding.Questioning the problematic roles assigned to Third World subjects within multiculturalism, Narayan examines ways in which the flow of information across national contexts affects our understanding of issues. Dislocating Cultures contributes a philosophical perspective on areas of ongoing interest such as nationalism, post-colonial studies, and the cultural politics of debates over tradition and "westernization" in Third World contexts.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            ix
One / Contesting Cultures Westernization, 1 (40)
"Respect for Cultures, and Third-World
Two / Restoring History and Politics to 41 (40)
"Third-World Traditions" Contrasting the
Colonialist Stance and Contemporary
Contestations of Sati
Three / Cross-Cultural Connections, 81 (38)
Border-Crossings, and "Death by Culture"
Thinking About Dowry-Murders in India and
Domestic-Violence Murders in the United States
Four / Through the Looking-Glass Darkly 119(40)
Emissaries, Mirrors, and Authentic Insiders
as Preoccupations
Five / Eating Cultures Incorporation, 159(30)
Identity, and Indian Food
Notes 189(32)
Index 221