The Impossibility of Motherhood : Feminism, Individualism, and the Problem of Mothering (Thinking Gender)

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The Impossibility of Motherhood : Feminism, Individualism, and the Problem of Mothering (Thinking Gender)

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Full Description

An adequate analysis of experiences and situations specific to women, especially mothering, requires consideration of women's difference. A focus on women's difference, however, jeopardizes feminism's claims of women's equal individualist subjectivity, and risks recuperating the inequality and oppression of women, especially the view that all women should be mothers, want to be mothers, and are most happy being mothers. This book considers how thinkers including Simone de Beauvoir, Julia Kristeva, Nancy Choderow and Adrienne Rich struggle to negotiate this dilemma of difference in analyzing mothering, encompassing the paradoxes concerning embodiment, gender and representation they encounter. Patrice Di Quinzio shows that mothering has been and will continue to be an intractable problem for feminist theory itself, and suggests the political usefulness of an explicitly paradoxical politics of mothering.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    v
Mothering and Feminism
Essential Motherhood and the Dilemma of vii
Feminism and Individualism
Identity and Difference, Ideology and 1 (29)
Mothering and the Emergence of Feminism
Challenging and Recuperating Individualism 30 (31)
Mothering and Difference Feminism
The Problem of Embodiment 61 (28)
The Body as Situation
Implications for Mothering 89 (26)
Maternal Thinking
Practice and Standpoint, Experience and 115(27)
Embodiment and Discourse
Positioning Maternal Subjectivity in 142(32)
Mothering and Psychoanalysis
The Persistence of the Dilemma of Difference 174(31)
Mothering and Women's Experience
The Desires of Feminist Theory 205(37)
The Impossibility of Motherhood
A Paradoxical Politics of Mothering 242(10)
Notes 252(3)
References 255(8)
Index 263