We Are Everywhere : A Historical Sourcebook in Gay and Lesbian Politics

We Are Everywhere : A Historical Sourcebook in Gay and Lesbian Politics

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The documents found here explain the historical development of the contemporary lesbian and gay movements for rights and liberation.

Full Description

We Are Everywhere brings together the key primary sources relating to the politics of homosexuality. Tracing the evolution of the lesbian and gay movement, We Are Everywhere includes writings from the beginnings of the gay and lesbian movement in the 19th century ; legal and government studies concerning rights of gay and lesbian citizens; articles from the early US liberation movement publications; documents from the first days of the AIDS epidemic to current activism; statements and writings from the movements within "the movement"; and finally, alook at the future of lesbian and gay politics.

Table of Contents

Enlightenment Backgrounds
``Of the Crime Against Nature'', from The 9 (1)
Spirit of the Laws (1754)
Charles-Louis de Secondat
Baron de La Brede et de Montesquieu
``Crimes Difficult to Prove,'' from On Crimes 10 (2)
and Punishments (1764)
Cesare Bonesana
Marchese di Beccaria
``The Love Called `Socratic,''' from the 12 (1)
Philosophical Dictionary (1764)
from Commentaries on the Laws of England Book 13 (2)
IV, Chapter 15 (1769)
Sir William Blackstone
from ``Offenses Against Oneself: Paederasty'' 15 (17)
(ca. 1785)
Jeremy Bentham
from ``Offenses Against Taste'' (1814-16) 32 (5)
Jeremy Bentham
The French Revolution: Sexual Liberation
and Political Speech
``Les Petits Bougres au Manege, or The Little 37 (3)
Bugger-go-Round'' (1790)
``The Children of Sodom Before the National 40 (4)
Assembly, or Delegation of the Order of the
Cuff Before the Representatives of all Other
Orders of All Sixty Districts of Paris and
Versailles'' (1790)
Marquis de Villette
``Liberty, or Miss Raucour'' (1791) 44 (4)
from ``Dialogue the Fifth'' from Philosophy 48 (2)
in the Bedroom (1795)
Comte Donatien-Alphonse-Francois
Marquis de Sade
``Yet Another Effort, Frenchmen, If You Would 50 (13)
Become Republicans'' from Philosophy in the
Bedroom (1795)
Comte Donatien-Alphonse-Francois
Marquis de Sade
The Third Sex Theory and the Creation of
Political Subjects
Paragraph 175 of the German Imperial Penal 63 (1)
``Araxes'' (1870) 63 (2)
Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
from Critical Arrow (1879) 65 (2)
Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
from ``An Open Letter to the Prussian 67 (12)
Minister of Justice'' (1869)
Karoly Maria Benkert
from ``Democratic Vistas'' (1871) 79 (3)
Walt Whitman
from the Preface to Leaves of Grass (1876) 82 (2)
Walt Whitman
from the ``Terminal Essay'' of The Book of 84 (7)
the Thousand Nights and a Night (1886)
Sir Richard Francis Burton
from ``A Problem in Modern Ethics'' (1891) 91 (20)
John Addington Symonds
From the trial of Oscar Wilde (1895) 111(3)
from The Intermediate Sex (1894-1907) 114(21)
Edward Carpenter
The Emergence of a Gay and Lesbian
Political Culture in Germany
The Scientific-Humanitarian Committee
``Petition to the Reichstag'' (1897) 135(3)
Magnus Hirschfeld
Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, ``The 138(5)
Social Problem of Sexual Inversion'' (1903)
``What Interest Does the Women's Movement 143(9)
Have in the Homosexual Question?'' (1904)
Anna Rueling
Cultural Critique: The Community of the
from ``Memoir for the Friends and 152(9)
Contributors of the Scientific-Humanitarian
Committee in the Name of the Secession of the
Scientific-Humanitarian Committee'' (1907)
Benedict Friedlander
``Seven Propositions'' (1908) 161(2)
Benedict Friedlander
from ``What We Want'' (1925) 163(7)
Adolf Brand
Legal Reform: Kurt Hiller and the Action
``Declaration of the Action Committee for the 170(2)
Repeal of Paragraph 175'' (1921)
Kurt Hiller
from ``On the State of the Struggle: Brash 172(3)
Thoughts'' (1923)
Kurt Hiller
Combining Political and Cultural Work: The
League For Human Rights
``Penal Law Reform'' (1931) 175(1)
Friedrich Radszuweit
``Paragraph 175 as the Focus of Political 176(2)
Friedrich Radszuweit
Paragraph 175 (Nazi version) (1935) 178(1)
Britain and France
The British Society for the Study of Sex 179(7)
Psychology (1914)
from ``The Sexual Variety and Variability 186(3)
Among Women and their Bearing upon Social
Reconstruction'' (1915)
F.W. Stella Browne
from ``Studies in Feminine Inversion'' (1923) 189(2)
F.W. Stella Browne
``Predestined for Free Choice'' (1910) 191(3)
Natalie Clifford Barney
Selections from Inversions (1925) 194(5)
From Liberalism to the New Social Relations
of Soviet Socialism
from People of the Moonlight (1911) 199(15)
V.V. Rozanov
Great Soviet Encyclopedia, ``Homosexuality'' 214(4)
(1930, 1951), with fragments of speeches
Maxim Gorky
N.V. Krylenko
Subculture, Censorship, and Civil Rights in
the United States
The Well of Loneliness: People v. Friede 218(2)
Parisex (Henry Gerber), ``In Defense of 220(8)
Homosexuality'' (1932)
New Yourk City Police Report, 228(1)
``Commercialized Amusement'' (1928)
The San Francisco Spokesman, ``Prejudice 229(1)
Against Homosexuals'' (1932)
``The Homosexual in Society'' (1944) 230(3)
Robert Duncan
from ``Preservation of Innocence'' (1949) 233(8)
James Baldwin
U.S. Senate``Employment of Homosexuals and 241(11)
Other Sex Perverts in the U.S. Government''
The U.K. Parliamentary Committee on 252(22)
Homosexuality and Prostitution, from the
Wolfenden Report (1957)
ACLU, ``Homosexuality and Civil Liberties'' 274(1)
``The Society We Envisage,'' Chapter 21 of 275(8)
The Homosexual in America (1951)
Donald Webster Cory
The Mattachine Society
Mattachine Foundation/Mattachine Society, 283(2)
Mission Statement and Membership Pledge (1951)
``The Homosexual Faces a Challenge'' (1956) 285(5)
Ken Burns
``An Open Letter to Senator Dirksen'' (1955) 290(2)
``On the Bisexuality of Man'' (1955) 292(1)
Ward Summer
``The Homosexual Veteran'' (1955) 293(3)
MacKinneth Fingal
``A Homosexual Looks at the Child Molester'' 296(3)
James Fugate
``Sexual Freedom: Why it is Feared'' (1962) 299(3)
Robert Anton Wilson
R.E.L. Masters``Sex Offenses: An Obsolete 302(4)
Concept'' (1962)
Letter to Members of the U.S. House of 306(3)
Representatives (1962)
Franklin Kameny
One, Statement of Beliefs and Purposes (1953) 309(1)
``To Be Accused, is to Be Guilty'' (1953) 310(2)
Dale Jennings
``The Homosexual Culture'' (1953) 312(3)
David Freeman
``A Frank Look at the Mattachine: Can 315(4)
Homosexuals Organize?'' (1954)
Jeff Winters
``Preamble to Constitution Changed Over 319(1)
Objection of Some Members'' (1953)
Mattachine Newsletter
``The Importance of Being Different'' (1954) 320(3)
Lyn Pederson
``I Am Glad I Am a Homosexual'' (1958) 323(5)
Hollister Barnes
Daughters of Bilitis
Daughters of Bilitis, ``Statement of 328(1)
Purpose'' (1955)
Anonymous ``What About the DOB?'' (1959) 328(3)
``The Homosexual Vote'' (1962) 331(1)
Dorothy L. Martin
Anonymous ``The Philosophy of DOB: The 332(3)
Evolution of and Idea'' (1963)
``Does Research into Homosexuality Matter?'' 335(4)
Franklin Kameny
``A Homosexual Ghetto?'' (1965) 339(4)
Leo Ebreo
``What Concrete Steps Can Be Taken to Further 343(3)
the Homophile Movement?'' (1966)
Shirley Willer
``The Lesbian's Other Identity'' (1968) 346(1)
Dorothy L. Martin
``Of What Use is NACHO?'' (1969) 347(2)
Rita Laporte
``Lesbianism and Feminism'' (1969) 349(3)
Wilda Chase
``If That's All There Is'' (1970) 352(3)
Dorothy L. Martin
``The Butch/Femme Question'' (1971) 355(9)
Rita Laporte
``From a Soul Sister's Notebook'' (1972) 364(2)
Anita Cornwell
``Gay is Good'' (1969) 366(14)
Franklin Kameny
``A Gay Manifesto'' (1969-1970) 380(9)
Carl Wittman
The Red Butterfly, ``Comments on Carl 389(2)
Wittman's `A Gay Manifesto''' (1970)
``Gay is Good'' (1970) 391(3)
Martha Shelley
Chicago Gay Liberation Front, ``A Leaflet for 394(2)
the American Medical Association'' (1970)
Radicalesbians ``The Woman-Identified Woman'' 396(4)
Third World Gay Revolution, ``The Oppressed 400(2)
Shall Not Become the Oppressor'' (1970)
Revolutionary People's Constitutional 402(2)
Convention, ``Statement of the Male
Homosexual Workshop'' and ``Demands of the
Lesbian Workshop'' (1970)
``A Letter from Huey to the Revolutionary 404(2)
Brothers and Sisters About the Women's
Liberation and Gay Liberation and Gay
Liberation Movements'' (1970)
Huey Newton
``Letter From Cuban Gay People to the North 406(2)
American Gay Liberation Movement'' (1970)
Cuban First National Congress on Education 408(1)
and Culture, ``Declaration'' (1971)
Responses by Gay Liberation Party and the Gay 409(2)
Committee of Returned Brigadistas (1971)
``Policy on Gay Recruitment'' (1972) 411(1)
Venceremos Brigade
``Capitalism, the Family, and the Anus'' 412(8)
Guy Hocquenghem
``Lesbians in Revolt'' (1972) 420(4)
Charlotte Bunch
``Lesbianism and Feminism: Synonyms or 424(11)
Contradictions?'' (1973)
Robin Morgan
``The Effeminist Manifesto'' (1973) 435(3)
Steven Dansky
John Knoebel
Kenneth Pitchford
``The Gay Revolutionary Project'' (1977) 438(5)
Mario Mieli
``The Anita Bryant Brigade'' (1977) 443(7)
Martin Duberman
``The Hope Speech'' (1978) 450(4)
Harvey Milk
``Questions for Michel Foucault'' (1978) 454(5)
Michel Foucault
North American Man-Boy Love Association, 459(9)
``The Case for Abolishing the Age of Consent
Laws'' (1980)
National Organization for Women, ``Resolution 468(1)
on Lesbian and Gay Rights'' (1980)
OIKABETH, Lambda Homosexual Liberation Group, 469(3)
and Homosexual Revolutionary Action Front
(Mexico), ``Message From Mexico: Questions
for Cuba'' (1980)
``I Am Your Sister: Black Women Organizing 472(4)
Across Sexualities'' (1980)
Audre Lorde
``I Hear Voices But See No Faces: Reflections 476(5)
on Racism and Woman-Identified Relationships
of Afro-American Women'' (1981)
Vickie M. Mays
``Anti-Semitism in the Lesbian/Feminist 481(4)
Movement'' (1981)
Irena Klepfisz
``Gay Politics: Sixteen Propositions'' (1981) 485(13)
Michael Denneny
``Lesbian Feminism and the Gay Rights 498(13)
Movement'' (1981)
Marilyn Frye
``Goodbye to Sally Gerhart'' (1981) 511(10)
John Preston
``Feminism and Sadomasochism'' (1981) 521(8)
Pat Califia
``Sex: The New Front Line for Gay Politics'' 529(6)
Dennis Altman
``Sadism, Masochism, and Lesbian-Feminism'' 535(7)
Sarah Lucia Hoagland
``The Fem Question'' (1982) 542(7)
Joan Nestle
``Gay Racism'' (1982) 549(6)
J.R.G. DeMarco
``Why a Black Gay Church?'' (1986) 555(8)
James S. Tinney
``We Know Who We Are'' (1982) 563(8)
Richard Berkowitz
Michael Callen
Richard Dworkin
``How to Have Sex in an Epidemic'' (1983) 571(3)
Richard Berkowitz
Michael Callen
from ``Blood and Politics'' (1983) 574(3)
Lawrence Mass
``1, 112 and Counting'' (1983) 577(10)
Larry Kramer
``AIDS and the Gay Men's Health Crisis of New 587(6)
York'' (1983)
Peg Byron
People With AIDS/ARC, ``The Denver 593(2)
Principles'' (1983)
Coalition for Sexual Responsibility, 595(6)
``Interim Report'' (1985)
``An Open Letter to Richard Dunne and GMHC'' 601(8)
Larry Kramer
``The Beginning of ACTing UP'' (1987) 609(6)
Larry Kramer
``Staying Alive: Making the Ultimate 615(4)
Political Statement'' (1989)
Martin Delaney
Positively Healthy News, ``Positively 619(3)
Healthy'' (1989)
``Stop The Church'' (1989)
ACT UP and WHAM, ``Action Update,'' ``Letter 622(5)
to Parishioners of St. Patrick's Cathedral,''
post-action Position Statement, and Media
Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights, 627(2)
Gay Men's Health Crisis, ``Statement on 629(1)
Action at St. Patrick's Cathedral''
Courage,``Support Your Church!!'' 629(2)
``Stop the Church'' 631(2)
Tom Shultz
``Re: Cathedral Protest'' 633(1)
Neil M. Broome
Majority Action Committee, Statement 634(1)
Latino/a AIDS Activists of ACT UP, 635(1)
Caucus of Asian and Pacific Islander AIDS 636(2)
Activists, ``Manifesto''
``AIDS and Politics: Transformation of Our 638(4)
Movement'' (1989)
Maxine Wolfe
``Let My People In'' (1990) 642(2)
Mark Harrington
``ACT UP at a Crossroads'' (1990) 644(8)
Donna Minkowitz
``Gay Lib vs. AIDS: Averting Civil War in the 652(7)
1990s'' (1990)
Eric E. Rofes
``The Homosexualization of AIDS'' (1990) 659(5)
Daniel Defert
Bombay Dost Charter and Editorial (1991) 664(2)
``Seven Days and Five Nights in Kuala 666(2)
Lumpur'' (1993)
Julian Jayaseelan
``Lesbian Leadership and Lesbian Denial in 668(10)
the AIDS Epidemic'' (1993)
Amber Hollibaugh
Rethinking AIDS, ``It's Time to Re-Evaluate 678(3)
the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis'' (1992)
from The AIDS War (1993) 681(7)
John Lauritsen
``Why AIDS is Really AIDSGate'' (1993) 688(3)
Charles Ortleb
``Whatever Happened to AIDS?'' (1993) 691(9)
Jeffrey Schmalz
``Above All, Life'' (1993) 700(4)
Herbert Daniel
``Spiritual Reality and HIV: Reality and 704(8)
Healing'' (1994)
Robert E. Penn
``Bridge, Drawbridge, Sandbar, or Island'' 712(11)
Gloria Anzaldua
``Out of the Clause, Into the Workhouse'' 723(13)
Wages Due Lesbians
``Strategy: Persuasion, Not Invasion'' (1989) 736(17)
Hunter Madsen
Marshall Kirk
``Why Gay People Should Seek the Right to 753(4)
Marry'' (1989)
Thomas B. Stoddard
``Since When Is Marriage a Path To 757(4)
Liberation?'' (1989)
Paula L. Ettelbrick
``Out of South Africa'' (1989) 761(6)
Mark Chesnut
Simon Nkoli
``Is `Outing' Gays Ethical?'' (1990) 767(2)
Randy Shilts
``Who Should Open the Closet Door?'' (1992) 769(1)
Michelangelo Signorile
``Letter to William F. Buckley'' (1990) 770(3)
Marvin Liebman
``Queers Read This''; ``I Hate Straights'' 773(8)
``Wimmin-and Lesbian-Only Spaces: Thought 781(6)
Into Action'' (1990)
Julia Penelope
``Celebrating African-American Lesbian and 787(5)
Gay History'' (1990)
Craig Harris
``Chicana Lesbians: Fear and Loathing in the 792(6)
Chicano Community'' (1990)
Carla Trujillo
``Let's Put Our Own House in Order'' (1991) 798(4)
Urvashi Vaid
``Loving Whom We Choose'' (1991) 802(6)
Lisa Orlando
Lesbians for Justice, ``Resolution Condemning 808(4)
Discrimination Against and Exclusion of
Transsexual Lesbians Within the Gay and
Lesbian Community'' and ``An Open Letter to
the Organizers of the Michigan Womyn's Music
Festival'' (1992)
``Letter to the Queer Generation'' (1992) 812(5)
Arnie Kantrowitz
``Lesbians and Their Emancipation in the 817(6)
Former German Democratic Republic: Past and
Future'' (1993)
Christina Schenck
``Reclaiming Our Historic Rights: Gays and 823(11)
Lesbians in the Philippines'' (1993)
Jomar Fleras
``The International Lesbian and Gay 834(6)
Association Five Years Later'' (1994)
Micha Ramakers
Stonewall 25 ``Statement from the 840(3)
International March on the United Nations to
Affirm the Human Rights of Lesbian and Gay
People'' (1994)
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