Death, Dying and Bereavement (4-Volume Set) : Major Themes in Health and Social Welfare (1ST)

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死、臨終と死別:医療・社会福祉の主要テーマ(全4巻) Death, Dying and Bereavement (4-Volume Set) : Major Themes in Health and Social Welfare (1ST)

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Contents: Vol. I: The Human Encounter with Death/ Vol. II: Developmental Perspectives/ Vol. III: Illness, Dying and Death/ Vol. IV: Loss and Grief.

Full Description

The study of death and dying truly crosses disciplinary boundaries. Scholars in the field represent a wide spectrum of disciplines in medicine, nursing, social work, sociology, psychology, philosophy, health education and the humanities. The volumes in this collection therefore take a broad and interdisciplinary approach and cover a wide range of materials, including classic studies that have helped frame the field, significant research that has influenced the development of the field, and current cutting-edge material. Moreover, the work brings together theory, research and clinical practice.

Table of Contents

Dedication                                         xvii
Editor Acknowledgements xix
Acknowledgements xxi
Chronological table of reprinted chapters and xxv
General Introduction 1 (14)
PART 1 The Death System 15 (42)
Introduction 17 (2)
Death and social structure 19 (25)
Robert Blauner
The taboo on death 44 (3)
Herman Feifel
Death in American society - a brief working 47 (10)
Talcott Parsons
PART 2 Death -- Historical Perspectives 57 (48)
Introduction 59 (2)
Plague: The mediaeval scourge 61 (4)
Stuart Fleming
Psychological effects of the atomic bomb in 65 (33)
Hiroshima: the theme of death
Robert Jay Lifton
Plague of our times 98 (7)
Angela Ndinga Muvumba
PART 3 Death in Philosophy and Religion 105 (90)
Introduction 107 (1)
Atheists in foxholes: Christians in uniform 108 (5)
Mister Thorne
Father knows best: parishes, priests and 113 (23)
American Catholics' attitudes toward
capital punishment
Thoroddur Bjarnason
Michael R. Welch
Loss and bereavement among Israel's 136 (14)
Muslims: acceptance of God's will, grief
and the relationship to the deceased
Simon Shimshon Rubin
Hend Yasien-Esmael
The perceived benefits of religious and 150 (19)
spiritual coping among older adults living
Karolynn Siegel
Eric W. Schrimshaw
Dreams of passage: an object-relational 169 (17)
perspective on a case of a Hindu death
Elizabeth Mohkamsing-Den Boer
Hetty Zock
From the profane to the sacred: ritual and 186 (9)
mourning at sites of terror and violence
Janet Jacobs
PART 4 Death in Music, Art and Literature 195 (206)
Introduction 197 (2)
Emotional dimensions of ritual music among 199 (35)
the Kotas, a south Indian tribe
Richard K. Wolf
Chopin at the funeral: episodes in the 234 (25)
history of modern death
Lawrence Kramer
A brief life: broken hearts and sudden 259 (14)
Ian Inglis
Music for the dying: a personal account of 273 (14)
the new field of Music-Thanatology --
history, theory and clinical narratives
Therese Schroeder-Sheker
Delacroix's Sardanapalus: the life and 287 (27)
death of the royal body
Elisabeth A. Fraser
Death in French Archady: Nicholas Poussin's 314 (22)
The Arcadian Shepherds and burial reform in
France c. 1880
Margaret Fields Denton
The hero as a visitor in hell: the descent 336 (13)
into death in film structure
Antonio Sanchez-Escalonilla
The Arts and Humanities in Health Care and 349 (9)
Using art therapy with pediatric oncology 358 (12)
Lina G. Nicholas
Suzanne Lister
Till death do us part: the consumptive 370 (19)
Victorian heroine in popular romantic
B. Meyer
Death be not proud: an analysis of Margaret 389 (12)
Edson's Wit
Madeline M. Keaveney
PART 5 The Emergence of Death Studies 401
Introduction 403 (1)
A socio-historical portrait of death 404 (22)
Vanderlyn R. Pine
The age of maturity for death education: a 426 (19)
socio-historical portrait of the era
Vanderlyn R. Pine
Dying and its interpreters: a review of 445
selected literature and some comments on
the state of the field
Charles C. Corr
Kenneth J. Doka
Robert Kastenbaum
Acknowledgements ix
PART 6 Children's Understanding of Death 1 (194)
Introduction 3 (2)
The kingdom where nobody dies 5 (13)
Robert Kastenbaum
The child's theories concerning death 18 (22)
Maria Nagy
Maturation of the concepts of death 40 (9)
Adah Maurer
The development of children's understanding 49 (26)
of death
Mark W. Speece
Sandor B. Brent
Current research on children's conceptions 75 (30)
of death: a critical review
Brenda L. Kenyon
Worlds of dying children and their well 105 (13)
Myra Bluebond-Langner
Dimensions of the shadow: children of six 118 (19)
nations respond to the nuclear threat
Judith M. Stillion
Howard Goodrow
Avigdor Klingman
Malcolm Loughlin
John D. Morgan
Sigrid Sandsberg
Margaret Walton
W. G. Warren
The development of the concept of death 137 (17)
between Chinese and US children 3--17 years
of age: from binary to `fuzzy' concepts?
Sandor B. Brent
Chongede Lin
Mark W. Speece
Qi Dong
Chongming Yang
A cross-cultural comparison of Israeli and 154 (10)
American children's death concepts
David J. Schonfeld
Sara Smilansky
An exploratory study of Muslim girls' 164 (12)
understanding of death
Z. Anthony
K. Bhana
Building the foundation: preparation before 176 (19)
a trauma
Margaret M. Metzgar
Barbara C. Zick
PART 7 Adolescent Experiences with Death 195 (74)
Introduction 197 (1)
Adolescent attitudes toward death 198 (16)
Adah Maurer
Time and death in adolescence 214 (10)
Robert Kastenbaum
Evolving meanings of death during early, 224 (19)
middle and later adolescence
Illene C. Noppe
Lloyd D. Noppe
Adolescents and death on television: a 243 (11)
follow-up study
Hannelore Wass
Jana L. Raup
Harry H. Sisler
Key elements in a framework for helping 254 (15)
grieving children and adolescents
Charles A. Corr
Donna M. Corr
PART 8 Adult Perspectives on Death 269 (52)
Introduction 271 (1)
The awareness of mortality in midlife: 272 (11)
implications for later life
Kenneth J. Doka
Transcending death during early adulthood: 283 (18)
symbolic immortality, death anxiety, and
purpose in life
Jean-Louis Drolet
Age-differences in levels of overt and 301 (16)
covert death anxiety
Cynthia P. Galt
Bert Hayslip
The relationship of death anxiety with age 317 (4)
and psychosocial maturity
Christina A. Ramussen
Christiane Brems
PART 9 Death in Later Life 321
Introduction 323 (2)
Old people talk about death 325 (9)
Sidney R. Saul
Shura Saul
Age and awareness of finitude in 334 (16)
developmental gerontology
Victor W. Marshall
The life review: an interpretation of 350 (19)
reminiscence in the aged
Robert N. Butler
Attitudes toward death in an aged population 369 (8)
Wendell M. Swenson
Death anxiety in older adults: a 377 (21)
quantitative review
Barry V. Fortner
Robert A. Neimeyer
Awareness of death and self engagement in 398 (17)
later life: the engagement continuum
Grace Chellam
Is terminal drop pervasive or specific? 415 (8)
Nancy White
Walter R. Cunningham
`Terminal drop' as a sign of depression in 423
elderly individuals: an hypothesis
Roger A. Brumback
Acknowledgements ix
PART 10 Coping with Life-threatening Illness 1 (174)
and Death
Introduction 3 (2)
You cannot die alone: Dr. Elisabeth 5 (19)
Kubler-Ross (July 8, 1926--August 24, 2004)
Kenneth Kramer
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross as a religious leader 24 (22)
Dennis Klass
Richard A. Hutch
Coping with dying: lessons we should and 46 (13)
should not learn from the work of Elisabeth
Charles A. Corr
Clinical research and the stages of dying 59 (7)
Richard Schulz
David Aderman
A model for psychosocial phasing in cancer 66 (16)
Avery D. Weisman
Coping with life-threatening illness: a 82 (13)
task-based approach
Kenneth J. Doka
A task-based approach to coping with dying 95 (14)
Charles A. Corr
The nature of suffering and the nature of 109 (17)
opportunity at the end of life
Ira R. Byock
The physical and mental distress of the 126 (23)
J. M. Hinton
Experiences of mothers in five countries 149 (20)
whose child died of cancer
Betty Davies
Eleanor Deveau
Barrie de Veber
Doris Howell
Ida Martinson
Danai Papadatou
Eleanor Pask
Michael Stevens
Europe against cancer: caring for dying 169 (6)
Danai Papadatou
PART 11 Care of the Dying: Hospice and 175 (84)
Palliative Care as International Social
Movements, Ethics of Assisted Suicide
Introduction 177 (2)
Hospice care 179 (6)
Cicely Saunders
Origins: international perspectives, then 185 (6)
and now
Cicely Saunders
Terminal care: evaluation of in-patient 191 (20)
services at St. Christopher's Hospice. Part
I. Views of the surviving spouse on effects
of the service on the patient. Part II.
Self-assessments of effects of the services
on surviving spouses
C. Murray Parkes
Global perspectives on palliative care 211 (12)
Sanchia Aranda
The case for physician assisted suicide: 223 (17)
not (yet) proven
B. Steinbock
Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide 240 (19)
policy in the Netherlands and Oregon: a
comparative analysis
Kant Patel
PART 12 Modes of Death 259 (80)
Introduction 261 (1)
Attributions of blame and coping in the 262 (21)
`real world': severe accident victims react
to their lot
Ronnie Janoff Bulman
Camille B. Wortman
Psychiatric problems following bereavement 283 (11)
by murder or manslaughter
Colin Murray Parkes
Suicide, lethality, and the psychological 294 (20)
Edwin S. Shneidman
What makes a tragedy public? 314 (10)
Kenneth J. Doka
When disaster strikes: the critical 324 (8)
incident stress debriefing process
Jeffrey T. Mitchell
Psychological debriefing is a waste of time 332 (7)
Simon Wessely
Martin Deahl
PART 13 Care for the Caregivers 339
Introduction 341 (1)
Compassion fatigue: psychotherapists' 342 (12)
chronic lack of self-care
Charles R. Figley
Caring for the caregiver in oncology and 354 (10)
palliative care
Mary L. S. Vachon
A proposed model of health professionals' 364
grieving process
Danai Papadatou
Acknowledgements ix
PART 14 Funerals, Memorials and Rituals 1 (38)
Introduction 3 (1)
The clergyman and the funeral director: a 4 (12)
study in role conflict
Robert L. Fulton
Changing patterns of ritual response to 16 (14)
Paul E. Irion
Creating therapeutic rituals in the 30 (9)
psychotherapy of the bereaved
Therese A. Rando
PART 15 Understanding Grief and Loss: Early 39 (138)
Introduction 41 (2)
Mourning and melancholia 43 (14)
Sigmund Freud
Responses of young children to separation 57 (12)
from their mothers. Part II. Observations
of the sequences of response of children
aged 18 to 24 months during the course of
J. Robertson
J. Bowlby
Psycho-social transitions: a field for study 69 (19)
C. Murray Parkes
Absence of grief 88 (8)
Helene Deutsch
Is grief a disease? A challenge for medical 96 (7)
George L. Engel
The symptomatology and management of acute 103 (13)
Erich Lindemann
Broken heart: a statistical study of 116 (11)
increased mortality among widowers
C. Murray Parkes
B. Benjamin
R. G. Fitzgerald
Bereavement and mental illness. Part I. A 127 (38)
clinical study of the grief of bereaved
psychiatric patients. Part II. A
classification of bereavement reactions
C. Murray Parkes
Depressed lymphocyte function after 165 (5)
R. W. Bartrop
L. Lazarus
E. Luckhorse
L. Kiloh
R. Penny
The widow-to-widow program: an experiment 170 (7)
in preventive intervention
Phyllis Rolfe Silverman
PART 16 Challenging the Paradigm: New 177 (252)
Understandings of Grief
Introduction 179 (3)
The myths of coping with loss 182 (20)
Camille B. Wortman
Roxane Cohen Silver
Disenfranchised grief 202 (16)
Kenneth J. Doka
The dual process model of coping with 218 (24)
bereavement: rationale and description
Margaret Stroebe
Henk Schut
The two-track model of bereavement: 242 (28)
overview, retrospect and prospect
Simon Shimshon Rubin
Searching for the meaning of meaning: grief 270 (15)
therapy and the process of reconstruction
Robert A. Neimeyer
Loss, trauma and human resilience: have we 285 (20)
underestimated the human capacity to thrive
after extremely aversive events?
George A. Bonnano
Rumination and psychological distress among 305 (18)
bereaved partners
Susan Nolen-Hoeksema
Angela McBride
Judith Larson
The foundations of posttraumatic growth: 323 (20)
new considerations
Lawrence G. Calhoun
Richard G. Tedeschi
Detachment revisited: the child's 343 (16)
reconstruction of a dead parent
Phyllis R. Silverman
Steven Nickman
J. William Worden
The politics of grief and continuing bonds 359 (22)
with the dead: the cases of Maoist China
and Wahhabi Islam
Dennis Klass
Robert Goss
Does grief counseling work? 381 (19)
John R. Jordan
Robert A. Neimeyer
Consensus criteria for traumatic grief: a 400 (14)
preliminary empirical test
H. G. Prigerson
Bereavement in cross-cultural perspective 414 (15)
Paul C. Rosenblatt
Index 429