Architecture and Nature : Creating the American Landscape

Architecture and Nature : Creating the American Landscape

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Winner of the 2006 Alice Davis Hitchcock Award!The word 'nature' comes from natura, Latin for birth - as do the words nation, native and innate. But nature and nation share more than a common root, they share a common history where one term has been used to define the other. In the United States, the relationship between nation and nature has been central to its colonial and post-colonial history, from the idea of the noble savage to the myth of the frontier. Narrated, painted and filmed, American landscapes have been central to the construction of a national identity. Architecture and Nature presents an in-depth study of how changing ideas of what nature is and what it means for the country have been represented in buildings and landscapes over the past century.

Table of Contents

Illustration credits                               ix
Acknowledgments xi
Introduction 1 (346)
1 Exhibiting wilderness at the Columbian 13 (58)
Exposition, 1893
2 Accommodating the nature tourist in the 71 (66)
national parks, 1903
3 Putting nature to work with the Tennessee 137(86)
Valley Authority, 1933
4 Nature preserved in the nuclear age: the 223(70)
Case Study Houses of Los Angeles, 1945
5 Closing the circle: the geodesic domes and 293(54)
a new ecological consciousness, 1967
Selected bibliography 347(15)
Index 362