Community-Based Psychotherapy with Young People : Evidence and Innovation in Practice

Community-Based Psychotherapy with Young People : Evidence and Innovation in Practice

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Full Description

Community-Based Psychotherapy with Young People offers a fresh perspective on working with difficult groups of patients. Focusing on the work of the Brandon Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy for Young People in London, the book describes approaches and techniques for working with young people with mental health problems. The book is divided into three parts: Part 1: covers the likely problems and difficulties encountered in such work. Part 2: describes services for high priority groups of young people, including those who are disabled or from ethnic minority backgrounds. Part 3: describes how the Centre evaluates the outcome of its work, and considers the future for other community-based organisations. The book will prove essential to all professionals wanting to explore different and effective ways of working with young patients.

Table of Contents

Contributors                                       vii
List of figures ix
Foreword x
Peter Wilson
Foreword xiv
Peter Fonagy
Preface xvii
Introduction 1 (12)
Geoffrey Barugh
PART I Theoretical and practical aspects of 13 (50)
engaging and maintaining young people in
Engaging troubled adolecents in six-session 15 (10)
psychodynamic therapy
George Mak-Pearce
Why come, why come back: developing and 25 (10)
maintaining a long-term therapeutic alliance
with young people who have had a psychotic
Olivia Amiel
Absence and inertia in the transference: some 35 (13)
problems encountered when treating young men
who have become developmentally stuck
James Rose
The process of engaging young people with 48 (15)
severe developmental disturbance in
psychoanalytic psychotherapy: patterns of
Geoffrey Baruch
PART II Services for high priority groups of 63 (80)
young people
Psychotherapy with young people from ethnic 65 (10)
minority backgrounds in different
community-based settings
Rajinder K. Bains
The developmental and emotional implications 75 (14)
behind the use young people make of family
planning services
Mellany Ambrose
Working in a school for severely physically 89 (14)
disabled children
David Trevatt
Psychotherapy with bereaved adolescents 103 (12)
Suzanne Blundell
Providing a psychotherapy service in a school 115 (13)
for the emotionally and behaviourally
disturbed child
Caroline Essenhigh
The treatment of severe antisocial behaviour 128 (15)
in young people
Charles Wells
PART III The evaluation of mental health outcome 143 (30)
The routine evaluation of mental health 145 (17)
outcome at a community-based psychotherapy
centre for young people
Geoffrey Baruch
Pasco Fearon
The clinician's experience of implementing 162 (11)
audit and its impact on the clinical process
in the treatment of troubled young people
Zora Radonic
PART IV Conclusion 173 (8)
Conclusion: what is the future for 175 (6)
community-based psychotherapy for young
Geoffrey Baruch
Index 181