Modern Chinese Warfare, 1795-1989 (Warfare and History)


Modern Chinese Warfare, 1795-1989 (Warfare and History)

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Full Description

Why did the Chinese empire collapse and why did it take so long for a new government to reunite China? Modern Chinese Warfare, 1795-1989 seeks to answer these questions by exploring the most important domestic and international conflicts over the past two hundred years, from the last half of the Qing empire through to modern day China. It reveals how most of China's wars during this period were fought to preserve unity in China, and examines their distinctly cyclical pattern of imperial decline, domestic chaos and finally the creation of a new unifying dynasty.By 1989 this cycle appeared complete, but the author asks how long this government will be able to hold power. Exposing China as an imperialist country, and one which has often manipulated western powers in its favour, Bruce Elleman seeks to redress the views of China as a victimised nation.

Table of Contents

        Figures                                    vii
Preface ix
PART 1 Imperial decline 1 (68)
The secret societies and Qing dynastic decline 3 (10)
The Opium War and the origin of China's 13 (22)
modern warfare
The Taiping Rebellion and the Arrow War 35 (22)
The Nian, Muslim, and Tungan Rebellions 57 (12)
PART 2 Imperial fall 69 (78)
The Ili Crisis and China's defense of 71 (11)
Xinjiang against Russia
The Sino--French War in Annam 82 (12)
The Sino--Japanese War and the partitioning 94 (22)
of China
The Boxer anti-foreign Uprising 116(22)
The Chinese Revolution and the fall of the 138(9)
PART 3 Imperial interregnum 147(86)
The warlord era and the Nationalists' 149(29)
Northern Expedition to unite China
The Sino--Soviet conflict in Manchuria 178(16)
The Sino--Japanese conflict 194(23)
China's Nationalist-Communist civil war 217(16)
PART 4 Imperial resurgence 233(66)
China's role in the Korean War 235(19)
The Sino--Indian border dispute 254(15)
The Sino--Soviet territorial conflict 269(15)
The Sino-Vietnamese conflict 284(15)
PART 5 The dynastic question 299(11)
The Tiananmen Massacre and the future of the 301(9)
Notes 310(29)
Bibliography 339(14)
Index 353