Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews : Microbiology

Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews : Microbiology

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Full Description

Students and faculty alike have attested to the extraordinary success rate of the "Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews" - the unparalleled review texts that clarify the essentials students need to know for the Boards through an easy-to-use outline format and illustration program. Now, this series has been expanded to include a complete and current review of microbiology. Designed and edited by top educators, the book helps the student tie together the visual and cognitive elements of learning for superior recognition and recall. More than 600 pictures and diagrams, carefully crafted to complement and amplify the text, are completely integrated with the text. Board-type questions, with detailed explanations of the answers, are included with each chapter. A series of illustrated case studies is also included.

Table of Contents

UNIT I: The Microbial World
Introduction to Microbiology 1 (6)
Normal Flora 7 (4)
Pathogenicity of Microorganisms 11 (10)
Diagnostic Microbiology 21 (14)
Vaccines and Antibiotics 35 (16)
UNIT II: Immunology for Microbiology
The Innate Immune System 51 (8)
T Cells and Cell-mediated Immunity 59 (20)
B Cells and Humoral Immunity 79 (22)
UNIT III: Bacteria
Bacterial Structure, Growth, and Metabolism 101(14)
Bacterial Genetics 115(22)
Staphylococci 137(8)
Streptococci 145(12)
Facultative and Aerobic Gram-positive Rods 157(8)
Neisseriae 165(10)
Enteric Gram-negative Rods 175(16)
Other Gram-negative Rods 191(18)
Clostridia and Other Anaerobic Rods 209(12)
Spirochetes 221(8)
Mycoplasma 229(6)
Chlamydiae 235(10)
Mycobacteria and Actinomycetes 245(14)
Rickettsiae 259(6)
UNIT IV: Fungi and Parasites
Fungi 265(14)
Protozoa 279(10)
Helminths 289(6)
UNIT V: Viruses
Introduction to the Viruses 295(12)
Non-enveloped DNA Viruses 307(10)
Enveloped DNA Viruses 317(20)
Hepatitis B and Hepatitis D (Delta) Viruses 337(12)
Positive-strand RNA Viruses 349(10)
Retroviruses and AIDS 359(20)
Negative-strand RNA Viruses 379(14)
Double-stranded RNA Viruses: the Reoviridae 393(4)
Unconventional Infectious Agents 397(4)
UNIT VI: Clinical Microbiology Review
Summary of Clinically Important Microorganisms 401(36)
Clinical Bacteriology at a Glance 437(18)
Microbiology Made Manageable 455(10)
Illustrated Case Studies 465(20)
Index 485