Political Science : The State of the Discipline


Political Science : The State of the Discipline

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Full Description

Editors Ira Katznelson and Helen V. Milner of Columbia University sought to "reflect the vibrant, often contested, diversity of political science while chronicling the past decade's scholarship and prompting thought about future directions."Breaking away from a traditional organization around the four major fields of political science, the editors chose to create a framework that focuses first on the state, followed by democracy, then agency, and concluding with means of inquiry.This volume is an important resource for all scholars interested in reading across fields and includes an essential unified bibliography.NER(01): WOW

Table of Contents

Ira Katznelson and Helen V. Milner
Preface and Acknowledgments xiii
Ira Katznelson and Helen V Milner
American Political Science: The Discipline's 1 (32)
State and the State of the Discipline
1 The State in an Era of Globalization
Margaret Levi
The State of the Study of the State 33 (23)
Miles Kahler
The State of the State in World Politics 56 (28)
Atut Kohli
State, Society, and Development 84 (34)
Jeffry Frieden and Lisa L. Martin
International Political Economy: Global and 118 (29)
Domestic Interactions
James E. Alt
Comparative Political Economy: Credibility, 147 (25)
Accountability, and Institutions
James D. Morrow
International Conflict: Assessing the 172 (25)
Democratic Peace and Offense-Defense Theory
Stephen M. Walt
The Enduring Relevance of the Realist 197 (38)
2 Democracy, Justice, and Their Institutions
Ian Shapiro
The State of Democratic Theory 235 (31)
Jeremy Waldron
Justice 266 (20)
Romand Coles
Pluralization and Radical Democracy: Recent 286 (27)
Developments in Critical Theory and
Gerald Gamm and John Huber
Legislatures as Political Institutions: 313 (29)
Beyond the Contemporary Congress
Barbara Geddes
The Great Transformation in the Study of 342 (29)
Politics in Developing Countries
Kathleen Thelen
The Political Economy of Business and Labor 371 (33)
in the Developed Democracies
3 Citizenship, Identity, and Political
Seyla Benhabib
Political Theory and Political Membership 404 (29)
in a Changing World
Kay Lehman Schlozman
Citizen Participation in America: What Do 433 (29)
We Know? Why Do We Care?
Nancy Burns
Gender: Public Opinion and Political Action 462 (26)
Michael C. Dawson and Cathy Cohen
Problems in the Study of the Politics of 488 (23)
Morris P. Piorina
Parties, Participation, and Representation 511 (31)
in America: Old Theories Face New Realities
Amy Gutmann
Identity and Democracy: A Synthetic 542 (26)
Randall Calvert
Identity, Expression, and Rational-Choice 568 (29)
Thomas Risse
Constructivism and International 597 (33)
Institutions: Toward Conversations across
4 Studying Politics
David D. Laitin
Comparative Politics: The State of the 630 (30)
Barry R. Weingast
Rational-Choice Institutionalism 660 (33)
Paul Pierson and Theda Skocpol
Historical Institutionalism in Contemporary 693 (29)
Political Science
Karen Orren and Stephen Skowronek
The Study of American Political Development 722 (33)
Robert Powell
Game Theory, International Relations 755 (29)
Theory, and the Hobbesian Stylization
Charles M. Cameron and Rebecca Morton
Formal Theory Meets Data 784 (21)
Donald P. Green and Alan S. Gerber
Reclaiming the Experimental Tradition in 805 (28)
Political Science
Works Cited 833
Index A1