Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy : A Comprehensive Source Book


Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy : A Comprehensive Source Book

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Full Description

Fred Gallo, the originator of energy diagnostic and treatment methods (EDxTM), has gathered here a stellar group of major participants in the energy field, and the wide-ranging chapters cover enormous ground.

Gallo's introduction discusses a paradigm shift, rooted in physics, that views psychological function and dysfunction from the standpoint of bioenergy factors. This new view challenges prevalent psychological theories that focus on behavioral, cognitive, neurological, systemic, or chemical parameters to the exclusion of the underlying energetic component. This graceful introduction lays the ground for all the chapters that follow.

Part One provides an overview of the major approaches to energy psychology and covers thought field therapy; energy diagnostic and treatment methods; the Tapas acupressure technique and its roots in energy healing in traditional Chinese medicine and yoga; Judith Swack's holistic system that simultaneously addresses the somatic, psychological, and spiritual aspects of an issue; and Larry Nims's BE SET FREE FAST, which has transitioned from meridian tapping to a method that simply uses a cue word or phrase to promote healing. Also discussed are Seemorg matrix work, which synthesizes energy psychology, trauma work, analytical psychology, self psychology, and spiritual principles; and dynamic energetic healing, which combines meridian therapies, manual muscle testing, and regression to the energetic origins of a client's issue. Part Two covers integrative approaches that combine modalities into a unified plan. These include the integration of biofield and chakra concepts, the use of hypnotic language and techniques, and the use of EMDR.

Part Three takes the reader into the session, as clinicians present theories in the context of specific cases and presenting problems. Here, contributors discuss issues such as eating disorders, phobias, traumas, and various other psychological maladies. In the final part of the book, contributors propose highly speculative and creative ideas about the relationship of psychological issues and the possibilities of energy healing. Here, contributors write about behavioral kinesiology and neuropsychological research; galvanic skin response for the exploration and observation of feelings; and the reorganization of energy patterns via psychotherapeutic interventions.

This book is a bold effort to bridge gaps between mind and body, between matter and energy, and between theoretical solutions and the findings of established science. Whether you are a clinician well-versed in energy psychology and want to learn more about a new system, or whether you are new to the whole field, you are certain to find valuable information and insights here.


Part I Systems of energy psychology: thought field therapy - advancements in theory and practice, John H. Diepold, Jr.; energy diagnostic and treatment methods, Fred P. Gallo; the tapas acupressure technique (TAT), Tapas Fleming; healing from the body level up (HBLU), Judith A. Swack; instant be set free fast - an advanced energy therapy, Larry Phillip Nims; TARA work - the first transpersonal energy psychotherapy, Nahoma Asha Clinton; energetic healing - trauma and soul work at the origins, Mary Hammond-Newman and Howard Brockman. Part II Integrative approaches: incorporating biofield and chakra concepts into energy psychotherapy, Dorothea Hover-Kramer; using hypnotic language to enhance energy psychotherapy, Brian Grodner; the integration of energy psychology with hypnosis, Lee Pulos; combining EMDR and energy therapies, John Hartung and Michael Galvin; integrative therapy and spiritual therapy, Philip Friedman. Part III Special applications: use of hypnosis and EMDR combined with energy therapies in the treatment of phobias and dissociative, posttraumatic stress, and eating disorders, Lillian Gross and Harold Ratner; inner child, inner parent resolution (ICIPR) - meridian-based treatment focused on archaic states and introjects, wILLEM lAMMERS; integrating past and present - the early recollection technique, Mary S. Wheeler; energy applications in medical settings, M. Marie Green; energy psychotherapy as an adjunctive treatment for addiction, Loretta Sparks; multiple pose applications of tapas's acupressure technique with special populations, H. Jane Wakefield. Part IV Special topics: EMDR and subtle energy - a proposed mechanism of action, Rick Leskowitz; duct tape, goggles, and correcting hemispheric imbalances, John A. Frisco; the active ingredients of the change process in therapy, Garry A. Flint; using the biomonitor - an energy gauge for mind and body, Hank Levin; grounding energy psychology in the physical sciences, Mark Evan Furman; an energy psychology trialogue - the body docs' perspective, James V. Durlacher, Scott Walker, and Fred P. Gallo.