Restricted Environmental Stimulation : Theoretical and Empirical Developments in Flotation Rest (Recent Research in Psychology Applied Behavioral Scie


Restricted Environmental Stimulation : Theoretical and Empirical Developments in Flotation Rest (Recent Research in Psychology Applied Behavioral Scie

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Full Description

Previously reported results of sensory-deprivation experiences, of which flotation REST is an instance, were dramatic, generally negative and ultimately unreliable. This book offers controlled systematic research on the effects of flotation REST. The papers in this collection were chosen from those presented at the first three international conferences on REST and fall into several categories. The major category concerns theoretical formulations for REST effects; other categories in the collection deal with experimental findings and clinical research in relation with flotation REST.


Section I Theoretical Formulations.- 1 Hemispheric Asymmetry and REST.- 2 Distress, No Stress, Anti-Stress, Eustress: Where Does REST Fit In?.- 3 A Cybernetic Model of Restricted Environmental Stimulation Effects.- 4 The Common Therapeutic Elements and Procedural Components in Self-Hypnosis and Other Stress Reduction Techniques.- 5 Body-Centered Therapies: A Holographic Paradigm for Understanding REST.- Section II Experimental Studies.- 6 Hormonal Changes Associated with Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy.- 7 The Presence or Absence of Light in the REST Experience: Effects on Plasma Cortisol, Blood Pressure and Mood.- 8 Effects of Restricted Environmental Stimulation on Inversion Perception.- 9 Flotation REST and Information Processing: A Reaction Time Study.- 10 The Effects of Flotation Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy on Learning: Subjective Evaluation and EEG Measurements.- 11 Effects of Flotation REST on Simulated Instrument Flight Performance.- 12 Enhancing Hypnotizability: Differential Effects of Flotation REST and Progressive Muscle Relaxation.- 13 Enhancing the Creativity of Psychologists Through Flotation REST.- Section III Clinical Studies and Applications.- 14 Flotation for the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis.- 15 REST for Muscle Contraction Headaches: A Comparison of Two REST Environments Combined with Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training.- 16 Effects of Biobehaviorally Assisted Relaxation Training on Blood Pressure and Hormone Levels and Their Variation in Normotensives and Essential Hypertensives.- 17 Replication of a Clinical Outcome Study on a Hospital-Based Stress Management and Behavioral Medicine Program Utilizing Flotation REST and Biofeedback.- 18 Flotation Effect on Premenstrual Syndrome.