Applying Landscape Ecology in Biological Conservation : Forew. by Richard T. T. Forman (2002. XXVII, 518 p. w. 62 figs. (2 col.). 23,5 cm)


Applying Landscape Ecology in Biological Conservation : Forew. by Richard T. T. Forman (2002. XXVII, 518 p. w. 62 figs. (2 col.). 23,5 cm)

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Full Description

This book provides a current synthesis of principles and applications in landscape ecology and conservation biology. Bringing together insights from leaders in landscape ecology and conservation biology, it explains how principles of landscape ecology can help us understand, manage and maintain biodiversity. Gutzwiller also identifies gaps in current knowledge and provides research approaches to fill those voids.


Foreword--Richard T. T. Forman * Preface * Acknowledgments * Contributors * Section I. Introduction. * Central Concepts and Issues of Landscape Ecology--John A. Wiens. * Central Concepts and Issues of Biological Conservation--Richard L. Knight and Peter B. Landres. * Broad-Scale Ecological Science and Its Application--Barry R. Noon and Virginia H. Dale * Section II. Multiple Scales, Connectivity, and Biota Movement. * Spatial Factors Affecting Organism Occurrence, Movement, and Conservation: Introduction to Section II--Kevin J. Gutzwiller. * Patch-, Landscape-, and Regional-Scale Effects on Biota--Kathryn Freemark, Marc-AndrT Villard, and Dan Bert. * Corridors and Species Dispersal--Claire C. Vos, Hans Baveco, and Carla J. Grashof-Bokdam. * Using Percolation Theory to Assess Landscape Connectivity and Effects of Habitat Fragmentation--Kimberly A. With. * Landscape Connections and Genetic Diversity--H. B. Britten and R. J. Baker. * Habitat Networks and Biological Conservation--Richard J. Hobbs. * Landscape Invasibility by Exotic Species--John L. Vankat and D. Graham Roy * Section III. Landscape Change. * Conservation in Human-Altered Landscapes: Introduction to Section III--Kevin J. Gutzwiller. * Human Conversion of Terrestrial Habitats--Peter August, Louis Iverson, and Jarunee Nugranad. * Impacts of Landscape Transformation by Roads--Laurie W. Carr, Lenore Fahrig, and Shealagh E. Pope. * Landscape Pattern, Timber Extraction, and Biological Conservation--Eric J. Gustafson and Nancy Diaz. * Animal Behavior in Fragmented Landscapes--Richard H. Yahner and Carolyn G. Mahan. * Effects of Landscape Change on the Physical and Chemical Components of Aquatic Ecosystems--Carolyn T. Hunsaker and Robert M.Hughes. * Effects of Landscape Change on Aquatic Biodiversity and Biointegrity--Robert M. Hughes and Carolyn T. Hunsaker. * Time Lags in Metapopulation Responses to Landscape Change--Kees Nagelkerke, Jana Verboom, Frank van den Bosch, and Karen van de. Wolfshaar. Section IV. Conservation Planning. * Using Broad-Scale Ecological Information in Conservation Planning: Introduction to Section IV--Kevin J. Gutzwiller. * Landscape and Regional Planning for Conservation: Issues and Practicalities--Robert J. Lambeck and Richard J. Hobbs. * Assessing the Conservation Potential of Habitat Networks--Paul Opdam. * Use of Metapopulation Models in Conservation Planning--David R. Breininger, Mark A. Burgman, H. Resit Aktakaya, and Michael A.O'Connell. * Prescribing Habitat Layouts: Analysis of Optimal Placement for Landscape Planning--Curtis H. Flather, Michael Bevers, and John of. * Aquatic Conservation Planning: Using Landscape Maps to Predict Ecological Reference Conditions for Specific Waters--Paul W. Seelbach, Michael J. Wiley, Patricia A. Soranno, and Mary T. Bremigan * Section V. Synthesis and Conclusions. * Applying Landscape Ecology in Biological Conservation: Principles, Constraints, and Prospects--Kevin J. Gutzwiller * Index