Teach Yourself English Vocabulary B2CD

Teach Yourself English Vocabulary B2CD

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Full Description

If you are learning English and want some extra help with vocabulary, this book is for you - it will give you the words you need to communicate with confidence. Each unit of the book starts with "Basics". Check that you know all these words. When you think you know the words, try "Test your basics". Next is "Extension" - this will get you to learn more words and will help with problems such as difficult verbs before trying the exercises in the next section. Finally there is "Recap" should help you check, remember and write down what you have done. At the end of each unit you will find an answer key to check your work. There are British and American voices on the recordings, which are available separately or as a book/double CD pack or a book/double cassette pack, so you hear both British and American pronunciation, and the very few words which are different are listed in the book.


Language to learn language; ideas for learning vocabulary; animals; body (1); body (2); clothes (1); clothes (2); drink; family; food (1); food (2); house and household (1); house and household (2); people and jobs; shopping; time (1); time (2); weather.