Witchcraft (The Mobius Guides)

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Witchcraft (The Mobius Guides)

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Full Description

The "Mobius Guides" provide a fascinating overview to help you get to grips with the basic principles, practices and background of each subject area. Enlightening and fully accessible, these great introductions are ideal for the beginner, or those who simply wish to widen their knowledge in different areas. Taken from the top selling titles from Headway's "Beginner's Guide" series, these titles already have an excellent sales history. Stunningly repackaged, they will have enormous appeal to the growing number of people drawn to the Mind, Body, Spirit area. This illuminating book offers an introduction to this most fascinating and ancient religion. Explaining the traditions and practices - as well as some of the myths and misconceptions commonly associated with witchcraft - it outlines what it means to be a witch, and how we can incorporate its principles into our own lives. If you are attracted to the magical or mystical, if you feel at home with nature, or if you've ever wondered what witchcraft actually involves - this compelling guide presents the perfect opportunity to engage your curiosity.

Table of Contents

introduction                                       1  (2)
1 the sacred art 3 (22)
2 making magic 25 (17)
3 signs and symbols 42 (11)
4 things witches do 53 (18)
5 witches and sex 71 (8)
6 the place for witchcraft 79 (8)
7 how witches worship 87 (22)
8 a world of witchcraft 109(5)
9 taking things further 114(13)
afterword 127(3)
further reading 130(3)
useful addresses 133