Religion in the Medieval West (2ND)

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Religion in the Medieval West (2ND)

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Full Description

Western European civilization evolved during the medieval centuries when the whole area was converted to Christianity in its Latin Catholic form. This account is an introduction to the religious life of this formative period--but is concerned less with history of the institutional Church than with the interaction between the Church and lay society. This new edition has been updated throughout, and thoroughly reorganized, making it easier to approach and use. New visual evidence has been provided and a glossary of technical terms is included.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1 (18)
J.R. Martin and Ruth Wodak
I. Constructing time and value: Semiotic
Making history: Grammar for interpretation 19 (42)
J.R. Martin
II. Recent past: Telling stories
News as history: Your daily gossip 61 (30)
P.R.R. White
Challenging media censoring: Writing between 91 (24)
the lines in the face of stringent
Christine Anthonissen
III. Distant past: Making history
The discursive construction of individual 115(24)
memories: How Austrian "Wehrmacht" soldiers
remember WWII
Gertraud Benke and Ruth Wodak
The languages of the past: On the 139(38)
re-construction of a collective history
through individual stories
Florian Menz
Orthopraxy, writing and identity: Shaping 177(18)
lives through borrowed genres in Congo
Jan Blommaert
History as discourse; discourse as history: 195(24)
"The rise of modern China" - A history
exhibition in post-colonial Hong Kong
John Flowerdew
IV. Yesteryear: Instilling memories
Reconstruais of the past - settlement or 219(28)
invasion? The role of JUDGEMENT analysis
Caroline Coffin
Pearl Harbor in Japanese high school history 247(26)
textbooks: The grammar and semantics of
Christopher Barnard
Index 273