If by Chance

If by Chance

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Could Napoleon have won the battle of Waterloo? And what would have happened if he had? Or suppose Nelson had not destroyed the French fleet at Aboukir, would Napoleon conquered India and become Emperor of the East?What if Hitler had not halted his panzer forces before Dunkirk and had entrapped the entire British Expeditionary Force? How would Churchill have then defeated the Wehrmacht? If by chance Hitler had been assassinated in 1944 and the German General Staff taken control, would there have been a totally different kind of surrender?In examining these and other contingencies, General Strawson brings his experience of command in war and his skill as a military historian to present us with an enthralling catalogue of chance and speculation, while emphasising how profoundly the character f commanders influenced events and how events affected their character.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements                                   ix
Maps xi
Prologue Chaos and Chance 1 (23)
St Vincent: 14 February 1797 24 (12)
Marengo: 14 June 1800 36 (13)
18 June 1815 49 (14)
Playing - and Losing - the Great Game 63 (15)
Balaklava: 25 October 1854 78 (18)
May-June 1940: Disaster and Deliverance 96 (4)
The Peg on Which All Else Hung 100(21)
Master Plan Manque 121(16)
The Hard Underbelly of Europe 137(18)
Conditional Surrender 155(10)
The Gambler Keeps His Stake 165(13)
Who Is to Have Berlin? 178(18)
Chance Governs All 196(49)
Notes 245(8)
Bibliography 253(2)
Index 255