An Introduction to the Design of Small-Scale Embedded Systems

An Introduction to the Design of Small-Scale Embedded Systems

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Full Description

This book offers a comprehensive and balanced introduction to the design of small embedded systems. Important topics covered include microcontroller architectures, memory technologies, data conversion, serial protocols, program design, low power design, and design for the real time environment. The final chapter ingeniously applies systematic engineering design principles to embedded system design. While the Microchip PIC 16F84 is used extensively to illustrate the early material, examples elsewhere are drawn from a range of microcontroller families, leading to a broad view of device capabilities.


Introduction.- Abbreviations.- Introducing Embedded Systems and the Microcontroller.- From Humble Beginnings: Towards the Minimum System.- Preliminary Programming.- Memory Matters.- Analog Affairs.- Strictly Serial.- Systematic Software.- Dealing with Time.- Interfacing to External Devices.- Supplying and Using Power, in a Power-Conscious World.- Dealing with Numbers.- Designing and Commissioning the System.- Answers to Selected Numerical Questions.- Appendix 1 Binary, Hexadecimal and BCD.- Appendix 2 The 16F84 Instruction Set.- Appendix 3 A Versatile Microcontroller Based Digital Panel Meter.- Appendix 4 Addressing Modes Address Decoding and the Memory Map.- Index.