Absolute War Soviet Russia in the Second World War a Modern History

Absolute War Soviet Russia in the Second World War a Modern History

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There have been many individual accounts of particular moments in the vicious war between the Nazi regime and the Soviet behemoth, but none which sets out to tell the full and dreadful story of that absolute war: absolute because both sides aimed to 'exterminate the opponent, to destroy his political existence' and total because it was fought by all elements of society, not simply the armed forces, but civilians - men, women, children - too. Chris Bellamy, Professor of Military Science at Cranfield University, is one of the world's leading experts on this subject and has been working on this book for almost a decade. It benefits from his remarkable insight into strategic issues as well as exhaustive research in hitherto unopened Russian archives. It is the definitive study of what the Soviets called - and what their fifteen successor states still call - the Great Patriotic War.

Table of Contents

        List of illustrations, figures and         ix
Key to map symbols and abbreviations xvi
Preface and acknowledgements xix
Flight of the rabid wolf: the long-term 1 (15)
impact of the war in the East
Absolute and total war 16 (23)
`A cruel romance': the Nazi-Soviet alliance 39 (30)
and Soviet expansion, August to November
Further Soviet expansion and cooperation 69 (30)
with Germany, November 1939 to June 1941
Who planned to attack whom, and how? 99 (37)
The war's worst-kept secret 136(28)
Iron road east: the country, the forces 164(15)
Barbarossa unleashed, and the battles of 179(28)
the frontiers
Kremlin at war 207(32)
Winning oneself to death 239(41)
Midnight in Moscow 280(33)
Black snow 313(38)
White night: Leningrad, September 1941 to 351(58)
February 1944
The `Grand Alliance' 409(38)
To the edge of the abyss: the worst year -- 447(50)
From defence to attack: the Caucasus, 497(57)
Stalingrad and Mars
Kursk, and a new professionalism 554(42)
Destroying the Wehrmacht. Ukraine, Belarus 596(34)
and the Baltic: reasserting Soviet control
Victory 630(40)
New world order 670(19)
Select bibliography 689(16)
Notes and references 705(84)
Index 789