Magnetic Resonance Imaging : Physical and Biological Principles (3TH)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging : Physical and Biological Principles (3TH)

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Full Description

"Magnetic Resonance Imaging" presents the fundamentals and principles of MRI, its capabilities and various applications. MRI can be a difficult subject because the physical principles underlying MRI are different from those of x-ray imaging. This text provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of the basic principles of conventional MRI and of the fast imaging techniques currently available.


Part 1 Fundamentals 1. An Overview of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2. Electricity and Magnetism 3. Nuclear Magnetism 4. Equilibrium-Saturation 5. Radiofrequency Pulse Sequences 6. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Parameters 7. How To Measure Relaxation Times 8. Fourier Transforms in Magnetic Resonance Imaging 9. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Part 2 The Imaging System 10. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Hardware 11. Primary Magnetic Resonance Imaging Magnets 12. Secondary Magnetic Resonance Imaging Magnets 13. The Purchase Decision and Site Selection Part 3 Image Formation 14. Digital Imaging 15. A Walk Through the Spatial Frequency Domain 16. The Musical Score 17. Magnetic Resonance Images Part 4 Pulse Sequences 18. Spin Echo Imaging 19. Chemical Shift and Magnetization Transfer 20. Gradient Echo Imaging 21. Faster Imaging Techniques 22. Echo Planar Imaging Part 5 Applications 23. Magnetic Resonance Angiography 24. Perfusion Imaging 25. Diffusion Imaging 26. Cardiac MR Imaging Part 6 Safety 27. Contrast Agents and Magnetic Resonance Imaging 28. Magnetic Resonance Artifacts 29. Biologic Effects of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 30. Managing a Magnetic Resonance Imaging System Appendix A The Bloch Equations Appendix B Additional Resources Practice Examinations Answers to Challenge Questions Answers to Practice Examinations Glossary