Guns in the Desert : General Jean-Pierre Doguereau's Journal of Napoleon's Egyptian Expedition (Contributions in Military Studies)


Guns in the Desert : General Jean-Pierre Doguereau's Journal of Napoleon's Egyptian Expedition (Contributions in Military Studies)

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Full Description

This lively, firsthand account of an army trapped in a hostile land, cut off from reinforcement and facing powerful enemies, is offered in English for the first time. As an active artillery officer, Jean-Pierre Doguereau was present at most of the major battles and sieges of the campaign. He suffered the hardships and disappointments and experienced the triumphs and hopes of the courageous, but ultimately doomed, Army of the Orient. While essentially the account of a professional soldier, the journal also details Doguereau's wonder and reflections on the invaded country and its people, so different from the land he and his comrades had expected.As the memoir of a junior staff officer, albeit one who later rose to high rank, this account gives a view from the discomfort of the bivouac. Doguereau details the taking of El Arich and the murder of the garrison at Jaffa, the failure of the assault on Acre, then the terrible march of the plague-stricken French Army back to Cairo. After Napoleon departs for France, the struggle continues against the rising opposition of the Turks. Doguereau writes with an air of great honesty in a style that avoids self-glorification. This translation should interest all students of the period and all who study the reactions of human beings under stress.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    ix
Introduction xi
Chapter I 1 (10)
The Departure of the Fleet
Description of Malta
Leaving Malta
Disembarking in Egypt
The Taking of Alexandria
Description of Alexandria
Chapter II 11 (12)
Leaving Alexandria
Arrival at Damanhour
The Affair at Chebreis (or Chobrakhit)
The Battle of the Pyramids
Entry into Cairo
Battle at Salheyeh
Return to Cairo
A Description of the Town, Mosques,
Public Buildings, Baths, the Citadel,
Population, the Caravan to Mecca, the
Black Slave Market, the Arabs of Tor
Chapter III 23 (11)
Mission to Alexandria
Arrival of the Vessel Anemone
Massacre of the Crew by Arabs
The Return to Cairo
Festival of the Opening of Khalig
Festival of 1 Vendemiaire
The Fort at Torrah
The First Revolt at Cairo
Second Journey to Alexandria
Return to Cario
Chapter IV 34 (15)
Journey to Suez
Birket-el-Hadji; Adjeroud; Suez; the
Springs of Moses; Reconnoitering the Old
Canal; a Meeting with the Arabs of
Preparations for the Syrian Campaign
Ahmed el Djezzar
Occupation of Katieh
Operations against Mourad-Bey: the Battle
of Sediman; Battles of Saouaki and
Tahtah; the Fight at Samhoud
The Battles of Keneh and Thebes
Flotilla on the Red Sea
Festival of the Start of Ramadan
An Envoy of Tippoo Sahib Arrives at Suez
Chapter V 49 (15)
The Syrian Expedition
Leaving Cairo
Battle of El-Arich
Crossing the Ravines
The Halt by the Date Palms
Arrival and Stay at Katich
Leaving Katieh
The Camp at Bir-el-Abd
Reaching El-Arich
The Taking of the Fort
Departure from El-Arich
General Headquarters in the Enemy Camp at
The Army Lost in the Desert
We Camp at the Santon
Our Arrival at the Columns That Separate
Africa from Asia
The Camp at Khan-Younes
Battle at Gaza
The Camp at Esdoud (formerly Azoth)
Arrival at Ramleh, Three Miles from
Chapter VI 64 (13)
The Investment of Jaffa
The Siege of Jaffa
The Taking of the Town
The Massacre of the Garrison
The Outbreak of the Plague
Reconnaissance in the Naplouse Mountains
A Cavalry Detachment Surprised
The Affair at Kakoun
Mount Carmel
Arrival at Haifa
From Haifa to Saint-Jean-d' Acre
Chapter VII 77 (19)
The Army Arrives before Saint-Jean-d' Acre
The Siege
English Attempt on Haifa
Emplacement of the First Batteries
First Attack
Continuation of the Siege of Acre
Reasons for, and the Results of, the
Failure on 8 May
Occupation of Safed and Nazareth
Battles of Loubia and Canna
The Battle of Mount Tabor
Further Assaults
Counterattacks by the Garrison
Recall of Kleber's Division
Bombardment of Djezzar's Palace
Preparing to Lift the Siege
Evacuation of the Wounded and the Supplies
The Siege Is Lifted
Chapter VIII 96 (11)
The Retreat of the Army
The Wounded Evacuated to Tantourah
Camping in the Ruins of Caesarea
Arrival at Jaffa
Stay at Jaffa and Departure
The Camp at Gaza
The Camp at Khan-Younes
Into the Desert
Halt at Santon
Rest at El-Arich
Stay at Katieh
Reaching Salheyeh
Stay at Belbeis
Entry into Cairo
Chapter IX 107(14)
Events in Upper Egypt
Battles at Benout, Bir-el-Bar, Girgeh,
and Beni-Adin; the Occupation of Kosseir
Events in Lower Egypt; the Desert Arabs;
the Revolt of Emir-Hadji; the Angel
El-Mahdi; the Battle of the Mouys Canal
The Death of General Dommartin
Arrival of a Turkish Fleet off Aboukir
Disembarkation of the Enemy
Movement of the French Army
Battle of Aboukir
Siege of the Fort at Aboukir
Return to Cairo
The Departure of Bonaparte for France
Chapter X 121(14)
Commander in Chief Kleber
Upper Egypt; the Pursuit of Mourad-Bey
Turkish Disembarkation near Lesbeh
Capture of El-Arich by the Turks
Negotiations with the Grand Vizier and
the English
Departure for Salheyeh
Description of Salheyeh
The Convention of El-Arich
Leaving Salheyeh
Return to Cario
Preparations for the Evacuation of Egypt
Chapter XI 135(14)
The Breakdown of the Treaty of El-Arich
Lord Keith's Letter
The Ultimatum from Kleber to the Grand
The Battle of Heliopolis: Attacking the
Trenches at Matarieh; the Crushing Defeat
of the Turks; the French Army Camps in
the Tents of the Ottoman Army
The Pursuit of the Enemy
The Attack and Capture of Belbeis
Bivouac at Senikah
The Fight at Koraim
Arrival at Salheyeh
The Flight of the Vizier across the Desert
General Belliard Marches on Damiette
Chapter XII 149(19)
Leaving Salheyeh
Camps at Belbeis and El-Merg
The Return to Cairo
Revolt at Bulak
Nassif-Pasha Reaches Cairo with the
Mustaph Aga Is Impaled
General Uprising in Cario
Negotiations with Mourad-Bey
The Affair at Choarah, near Damiette
Reinforcements Reach Cairo
The Attack and Taking of Bulak
The Attack on Cairo
Negotiations with the Ringleaders of the
Cairo Surrenders
Suez Recaptured from the English
The Army Reenters Cario
The Assassination of General Kleber
Chapter XIII 168(15)
Commander in Chief Menou
Disagreement among the Generals
Journey to Salheyeh
Return to Cairo
Disembarkation of the English Army;
Battle at Canope
Surrender of Cairo
The Siege and Capitulation of Alexandria
Evacuation of Egypt
The Return to France
Biographical Notes 183(10)
Bibliography 193(2)
Index 195