Understanding Romeo and Juliet : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents (Greenwood Press ''literature in Context'')


Understanding Romeo and Juliet : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents (Greenwood Press ''literature in Context'')

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Full Description

The tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet has touched the hearts of young and old for nearly four hundred years. In this work, Alan Hager has compiled a rich collection of primary materials and contemporary ranging from information about the earliest performances of Romeo and Juliet to discussions of suicide in the 1990s. Designed to help students of the play, Understanding Romeo and Juliet highlights many different aspects of the play's context. Such aspects include a discussion about religions of love in the East and West, and examination of vendetta and collective violence, and an analysis of the play in the context of classical and medieval thought. Hager relates the work to issues as recent as the so-called Werther Syndrome (copycat suicide based on fictional models) and as remote as the notion of reincarnated love such as that of Rama and Sita in the Sanskrit epic Ramayana.Following a literary analysis of the play, the casebook provides commentary and primary documents on the narrative backgrounds and sources of the play and selections from those sources; a discussion of its performance history on stage, in opera and film; the historical context of the play as an exploration of the nature of love, with selections from poetry of the period; and selections on real-life parallels, such as present-day Bosnia, the recent Leonardo DiCaprio-Claire Danes film of the play, and teen suicide in the 1990s, all of which will help readers to relate to the play. Each section of the work closes with topics for class discussion and papers and suggested works for further reading.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            xiii
Analysis of Romeo and Juliet 1 (32)
Narrative Backgrounds to Romeo and Juliet 33 (34)
FROM: Ovid's Story of Pyramus and Thisbe in 39 (4)
Metamorphoses (8 A.D.?)
Xenophon of Esphesus' Ephesian Tale of 43 (5)
Anthia and Habrocomes (second or third
century A.D.)
Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde (ca. 1390) 48 (10)
Masuccio Salernitano's Thirty-Third Novel 58 (9)
from il Novellino (1476)
The Narrative Source of Romeo and Juliet 67 (26)
FROM: Romeus and Juliet (1562) 72 (21)
Arthur Brooke's
The Lyrical Source of Romeo and Juliet: Sir 93 (22)
Philip Sidney and the Elizabethan Sonnet
The Performance History of Romeo and Juliet 115 (32)
FROM: Shakespeare Performance: Romeo and 127 (4)
Juliet (1987)
Jill L. Levenson
Prefaces to Romeo and Juliet, Julius 131 (16)
Caesar, and Love's Labour's Lost (1930)
Harley Granville-Barker
The Historical Context of Romeo and Juliet 147 (36)
FROM: Plato's Symposium (385 B.C.?) 151 (5)
Plotinus' Six Enneads (after 253 A.D.) 156 (3)
Trobador Poets: Selections from the Poems 159 (3)
of Eight Trobadors (ca. 1190)
The ``Tristan and Isolde'' of Gottfried von 162 (3)
Strassburg (1210)
``Courtly Love: Troubadours and Cathars,'' 165 (5)
in Denis de Rougemont's Love in the Western
World (1940)
Unto the Sons (1992) 170 (3)
Gay Talese
Paracelsus: Selected Writings (1493-1541) 173 (1)
The Book of the Courtier by Baldassare 174 (1)
Castiglione (1528)
Giordano Bruno's The Heroic Frenzies (1585) 175 (1)
``Ripeness Is All,'' in Edgar Wind, Pagan 176 (1)
Mysteries in the Renaissance (1958)
``The Infant Rind,'' in Robert Grudin, 177 (6)
Mighty Opposites: Shakespeare Renaissance
Romeo and Juliet in the 1990s 183 (38)
FROM: The Poetics in Aristotle's Theory of 187 (1)
Poetry and Fine Art (330 B.C.?)
``Forbidden Love Leads to Suicide of 8th 188 (2)
Graders'' (1995)
Steve Marshall
An unattributed Newsview on ``Teenagers'' 190 (2)
``The Impact of Suicide in Television 192 (1)
Movies: Evidence of Imitation''(1986)
Madelyn S. Gould
David Shaffer
``Letters to the Editor,'' in The New 193 (2)
England Journal of Medicine (1988)
``Trying to Avoid Romeo and Juliet: In 195 (6)
Verona for the Opera, a Visitor Finds There
Is No Escaping the City's Most Famous
Barbara Lazear Ascher
``Dear Juliet: Let Me Tell You About My 201 (3)
Problem'' (1993)
Alan Cowell
``Romeo and Juliet in Bosnia'' (1994) 204 (3)
Bob Herbert
``Suddenly Shakespeare: O.K., So He Isn't 207 (2)
John Grisham. But More and More Films Are
Betting the Bard Can Make Money at the
Richard Corliss
``Her So-Called Big-Deal Film Career'' 209 (2)
Belinda Luscombe
``Shakespeare Rocks'' (1996) 211 (10)
Lou Carlozo
Glossary of Critical Terms and Names 221 (12)
Index 233