Faisal I of Iraq


Faisal I of Iraq

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Full Description

The first major biography of the founder of modern Iraq, a charismatic champion of Arab independence and unityBorn in 1883, King Faisal I of Iraq was a seminal figure not only in the founding of the state of Iraq but also in the making of the modern Middle East. In all the tumult leading to the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of new Arab states, Faisal was a central player. His life traversed each of the important political, military, and intellectual developments of his times. This comprehensive biography is the first to provide a fully rounded picture of Faisal the man and Faisal the monarch. Ali A. Allawi recounts the dramatic events of his subject's life and provides a reassessment of his crucial role in developments in the pre- and post-World War I Middle East and of his lasting but underappreciated influence in the region even 80 years after his death. A battle-hardened military leader who, with the help of Lawrence of Arabia, organized the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire; a leading representative of the Arab cause, alongside Gertrude Bell, at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919; a founding father and king of the first independent state of Syria; the first king of Iraq-in his many roles Faisal overcame innumerable crises and opposing currents while striving to build the structures of a modern state. This book is the first to afford his contributions to Middle East history the attention they deserve.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements                                   ix
List of Illustrations xii
List of Maps xiv
Key Personalities xv
Chronology of Events xviii
Prologue - September, 1933: Death of a King xx
Part I An Empire Disintegrates: The Ottoman
Era (1833--1914)
1 From the Desert to the Metropolis 3 (18)
2 Return to Mecca 21 (10)
3 Prelude to War 31 (12)
Part II Breaking the Bonds: The First World
War and the Arab Revolt (1914--1918)
4 The Road to the Rising 43 (27)
5 The Arab Revolt I: Consolidating the 70 (17)
6 The Arab Revolt II: Breaking Out 87 (20)
7 The Arab Revolt III: Railroad War 107 (17)
8 To Damascus! 124 (27)
Part III A Shattered Dream: Syria and the
Paris Peace Conference (1918--1921)
9 The Rudiments of a State 151 (23)
10 First Footsteps in Europe 174 (18)
11 At the Paris Peace Conference I 192 (18)
12 At the Paris Peace Conference II 210 (19)
13 The Struggle for Syria 229 (29)
14 The Collapse of the Kingdom of Syria 258 (37)
15 Adrift 295 (19)
16 A King in Waiting 314 (25)
Part IV A New Beginning: Iraq (1921--1933)
17 From Mesopotamia to Iraq 339 (22)
18 King of Iraq 361 (21)
19 Faisal, Cox and the Rise of the 382 (28)
20 The Rebellion of the Ayatollahs 410 (23)
21 Assemblies, Treaties, Constitutions 433 (17)
22 Oil and the Mosul Question 450 (21)
23 Struggling to Break Free 471 (17)
24 Towards Independence 488 (27)
25 Vindication at Last 515 (19)
26 A Calamitous End 534 (27)
Epilogue: Faisal the Great 561 (2)
Notes 563 (43)
Index 606