The Burlington Magazine : A Centenary Anthology

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The Burlington Magazine : A Centenary Anthology

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Selected and introduced by Michael Levey. Preface by Caroline Elam.

Full Description

"The Burlington Magazine" has maintained a high, international reputation for publishing authoritative writing on all aspects of art history since its foundation in 1903 by a group of distinguished scholars headed by Roger Fry, Bernard Berenson and Herbert Horne. Now, in celebration of its centenary, an art historian has compiled this selection of some of the most significant articles, reviews, editorials and obituaries to appear in it under successive editors during the 20th century. The choice conveys the Magazine's variety as well as its quality and indicates its concern with modern art, and art beyond Europe, in addition to traditional areas of study.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
Caroline Elam
Introduction ix
Michael Levey
Notes on the Contributors xvi
Dante Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddal 1 (9)
W.M. Rossetti
Editorial Clifford's Inn and the protection 10 (2)
of ancient buildings
Cezanne 12 (8)
Maurice Denis
The Munich exhibition of Mohammedan art 20 (5)
Roger Fry
Sir Hugh Lane 25 (1)
Henry Tonks
The literature of Chinese pottery: A brief 26 (8)
survey and review
Bernard Rackham
Negro art 34 (6)
Andre Salmon
Una Vilana Windisch 40 (2)
Campbell Dodgson
Jan van Eyck's Arnolfini portrait 42 (8)
Erwin Panofsky
Reflections on British painting (Roger Fry) 50 (1)
John Pope-Hennessy
Les Peintres de la realite en France au 51 (2)
XVIIe siecle
Douglas Lord
A portrait by the aged Ingres 53 (8)
Martin Davies
Six armours of the fifteenth century 61 (8)
James Mann
Meindert Hobbema (Georges Broulhiet) 69 (1)
Neil MacLaren
On art and connoisseurship (Max J. 70 (2)
Herbert Read
Gwendolen John 72 (4)
Augustus John
Baron James Ensor 76 (1)
Brinsley Ford
The subject of Poussin's Orion 77 (4)
E.H. Gombrich
Piero della Francesca's St Augustine 81 (6)
Sir Kenneth Clark
The evolution of Henry Moore's sculpture 87 (9)
A.D.B. Sylvester
The fresco by Foppa in the Wallace 96 (2)
E.K. Waterhouse
Caravaggio and the Netherlands 98 (6)
Benedict Nicolson
Spanish pictures from the Bowes Museum 104(4)
Enriqueta Harris
The Reconstructed Carmelite Missal 108(1)
(Margaret Rickert)
C.R. Dodwell
Vincenzo Scamozzi (Franco Barbieri) 109(1)
R. Wittkower
Art and architecture in France 1500--1700 110(2)
(Anthony Blunt)
Jean Adhemar
Stefano Conti, patron of Canaletto and 112(8)
Francis Haskell
Marigny and `le Gout Grec' 120(6)
Svend Eriksen
Hagenauer, Posch, and Mozart 126(5)
Otto Kurz
The Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Florence 131(3)
Hugh Honour
Picasso's portrait of Kahnweiler 134(11)
Roland Penrose
Tintoretto's Golden Calf 145(1)
David Rodgers
Benedict Nicolson (1914--1978) 146(4)
Francis Haskell
Frederic Lord Leighton and Greek vases 150(10)
Ian Jenkins
Iznik 160(5)
J.M. Rogers
Verrocchio's Christ and St Thomas: 165(8)
chronology, iconography and political
Andrew Butterfield
Malevich and film 173(11)
Alexandra Shatskikh
Ludovisi's tomb for a Colonna prince 184(4)
Robert Enggass
Editorial Upon a peak in Brentwood 188(4)
The Raphael tapestry cartoons re-examined 192(16)
Sharon Fermor
Alan Derbyshire
Frederik Hendrik of Orange and Amalia van 208(5)
Oliver Millar
Edward Bonkil and Hugo van der Goes 213(2)
Lorne Campbell
Sara Losh: architect, romantic, mythologist 215(10)
J.B. Bullen
Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the lost 225(4)
techniques of the Old Masters (David
David Bomford
Notes 229