C.マッキノン(共)編/セクシュアル・ハラスメント法の展望<br>Directions in Sexual Harassment Law

Directions in Sexual Harassment Law

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Updates MacKinnon's pathbreaking work "Sexual Harassment of Working Women" published 25 years ago.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            ix
Introduction: A Short History of Sexual 1 (42)
Reva B. Siegel
Part I. Contexts
1. What Feminist Jurisprudence Means to Me 43 (4)
Andrea Dworkin
2 Perspective on Sexual Harassment Law 47 (4)
Guido Calabresi
3. Alexander v. Yale University: An Informal 51 (9)
Anne E. Simon
4. Eradicating Sexual Harassment in Education 60 (7)
Pamela Y. Price
5. The Ecology of Justice: The Relationship 67 (10)
Between Feminism and Critical Race Theory
Gerald Torres
Part II. Unwelcomeness
6. Consensual Sex and the Limits of 77 (17)
Harassment Law
Carol Sanger
7. Who Says? Legal and Psychological 94 (17)
Constructions of Women's Resistance to Sexual
Louise F. Fitzgerald
8. Subordination and Agency in Sexual 111(18)
Harassment Law
Kathryn Abrams
9. Sexual Labor 129(9)
Jane E. Larson
10. Unwelcome Sex: Toward a Harm-Based 138(17)
Robin West
Part III. Same-Sex Harassment
11. Theories of Harassment "Because of Sex" 155(14)
William N. Eskridge, Jr.
12. What's Wrong with Sexual Harassment 169(13)
Katherine M. Franke
13. Sexuality Harassment 182(19)
Janet Halley
14. Discriminating Pleasures 201(20)
Marc Spindelman
15. Gay Male Liberation Post Oncale: Since 221(26)
When Is Sexualized Violence Our Path to
Christopher N. Kendall
Part IV Accountability
16. The Rights of Remedies: Collective 247(25)
Accountings for and Insuring Against the
Harms of Sexual Harassment
Judith Resnik
17. Employer Liability for Sexual Harassment 272(18)
by Supervisors
David B. Oppenheimer
18. Sex in Schools: Who's Minding the Adults? 290(17)
Deborah L. Rhode
19. Nooky Nation: On Tort Law and Other 307(17)
Arguments from Nature
Ann Scales
20. Damages in Sexual Harassment Cases 324(23)
Cass R. Sunstein and Judy M. Shih
Part V Speech
21. The Speech-ing of Sexual Harassment 347(18)
Frederick Schauer
22. The Collective Injury of Sexual Harassment 365(17)
Dorothy Roberts
23. Sexual Harassment and the First Amendment 382(17)
Robert Post
24. The Silenced Workplace: Employer 399(18)
Censorship Under Title VII
Kingsley R. Browne
25. Pornography as Sexual Harassment in Canada 417(20)
Janine Beneder
26. Free Speech and Hostile Environments 437(20)
Jack M. Balkin
Part VI. Extensions
27. Slavery and the Roots of Sexual Harassment 457(22)
Adrienne D. Davis
28. The Racism of Sexual Harassment 479(17)
Tanya Kateri Hern疣dez
29. Coercion in At-Will Termination of 496(20)
Employment and Sexual Harassment
Lea Vander Velde
30. Public Rights for "Private" Wrongs: 516(19)
Sexual Harassment and the Violence Against
Women Act
Sally F. Goldfarb
31. Why Doesn't He Leave? Restoring Liberty 535(26)
and Equality to Battered Women
Diane L. Rosenfeld
Part VII. Transnational Perspectives
32. Dignity, Respect, and Equality in 561(21)
Israel's Sexual Harassment Law
Ont Kamir
33. Dignity or Equality? Responses to 582(20)
Workplace Harassment in European, German, and
U.S. Law
Susanne Baer
34. French and American Lawyers Define Sexual 602(16)
Abigail C. Saguy
35. Sexual Harassment in Japan 618(15)
Yukiko Tsunoda
36. The Modesty of Mrs. Bajaj: India's 633(22)
Problematic Route to Sexual Harassment Law
Martha C. Nussbaum
37. Sexual Harassment: An International Human 655(17)
Rights Perspective
Christine Chinkin
Afterword 672(33)
Catharine A. MacKinnon
List of Contributors 705(12)
Index 717