Shards of Memory : Woven Lives in Four Generations

Shards of Memory : Woven Lives in Four Generations

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Full Description

These are the stories of the people in Parita Mukta's family, a family which has traversed the continents bearing with it an array of memories and stories, both magical and mythological. The book follows the move of the author's grandparents in the early 1920s from the princely region of Kathiawar in western India (now Gujurat) to the Kenyan colony and spans a period of over eighty years. It tells the history of the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of these migrants as they built their lives first in East Africa and then from the 1970s onwards in the cities of London, Ahemdabad, Miami and Toronto. It describes the jostling of a peasant world-view with that of an unbridled financial system. This is not a chronological tale of migration, it is a book set in a universe where magical tales are as tangible as the everyday material world, life-stories becoming entangled with fairy tales and fairy tales informing lives. In stunning lyrical prose Mukta sheds light on the way memories shape the journeys and aspirations of those who have lived in close proximity.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements                                   viii
Family Tree xii
Map xiv
Introduction xv
Ba and I 3 (18)
Archive Odyssey: Dhankor's Story 21 (8)
Voices that Rise from the Past 29 (6)
Journeying On 35 (5)
Arriving 40 (2)
Migratory Birds 42 (11)
The Passage 53 (8)
Hunger Stories 61 (26)
Witnessing Hunger 87 (8)
Every Day a Diwali 95 (5)
The Magical Conjuring of Food 100 (3)
The Hues of the Sky 103 (14)
Raj 117 (13)
Popat Bhukiyo Natthi, Popat Tarsio Natthi 130 (2)
Catherine Cookson Country 132 (10)
Haba 142 (9)
The First Father to Britain 151 (8)
Ladli Sonbai 159 (16)
The Muse of History, A Woman Writing 175 (7)
The Magic of a Child 182 (17)
Notes and suggested reading 199 (14)
Glossary 213