Florida's Frontiers (History of the Trans-appalachian Frontier)


Florida's Frontiers (History of the Trans-appalachian Frontier)

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Full Description

Florida has had many frontiers. Imagination, greed, missionary zeal, disease, war, and diplomacy have created its historical boundaries. Bodies of water, soil, flora and fauna, the patterns of Native American occupation, and ways of colonizing have defined Florida's frontiers. Paul E. Hoffman tells the story of those frontiers and how the land and the people shaped them during the three centuries from 1565 to 1860.For settlers to La Florida, the American Southeast ca. 1500, better natural and human resources were found on the piedmont and on the western side of Florida's central ridge, while the coasts and coastal plains proved far less inviting. But natural environment was only one important factor in the settlement of Florida. The Spaniards, the British, the Seminole and Miccosuki, the Spaniards once again, and finally Americans constructed their Florida frontiers in interaction with the Native Americans who were present, the vestiges of earlier frontiers, and international events. The near-completion of the range and township surveys by 1860 and of the deportation of most of the Seminole and Miccosuki mark the end of the Florida frontier, though frontier-like conditions persisted in many parts of the state into the early 20th century.For this major work of Florida history, Hoffman has drawn from a broad range of secondary works and from his intensive research in Spanish archival sources of the 16th and 17th centuries. Florida's Frontiers will be welcomed by students of history well beyond the Sunshine State.

Table of Contents

        List of Figures                            vii
List of Tables ix
Foreword xi
Preface xv
Abbreviations xvii
The Secrets of the Land 1 (19)
Discovering the Secrets 20 (27)
The Spanish Tidewater Frontier, First Phase, 47 (26)
The Tidewater Frontier, Second Phase, 73 (27)
The Inland Frontier, 1609-1650 100 (25)
Death, Rebellion, a New Accommodation, and 125 (23)
New Defenses: La Florida's Frontiers,
The First Contests with the English, 1680-1702 148 (26)
The Military Frontier, at Last, 1702-1763 174 (33)
New Tidewater Frontiers, 1763-1790 207 (36)
The American Frontier Envelops East Florida, 243 (39)
The American Frontiers, 1821-1860 282 (35)
Notes 317 (112)
Bibliography 429 (28)
Index 457