Tangled Trees : Phylogeny, Cospeciation, and Coevolution


Tangled Trees : Phylogeny, Cospeciation, and Coevolution

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Full Description

To explore evolutionary relationships among organisms, biologists construct and compare phylogenetic trees, not unlike the "family trees" traced for humans by genealogists. In recent years, the use of molecular data to build these trees and sophisticated computer-aided techniques to analyze them have led to a revolution in the study of cospeciation (the joint speciation of two or more lineages that are ecologically associated, such as hosts and parasites). "Tangled Trees" provides an up-to-date review and synthesis of current knowledge about phylogeny, cospeciation and coevolution. The opening chapters present various methodological and theoretical approaches, ranging from the well-known parsimony approach to "jungles" and Bayesian statistical models. Then a series of empirical chapters discusses detailed studies of cospeciation involving vertebrate hosts and their parasites, including nematodes, viruses and lice. "Tangled Trees" should be welcomed by researchers in a wide variety of fields, from parasitology and ecology to systematics and evolutionary biology.

Table of Contents

Contributors                                       vii
Preface ix
Introduction 1 (21)
Roderic D. M.
Theoretical Issues
Parsimony Analysis of Coevolving Species 22 (43)
Fredrik Ronquist
Lizards, Malaria, and Jungles in the Caribbean 65 (28)
Michael A. Charleston
Susan L. Perkins
A Statistical Perspective for Reconstructing 93 (27)
the History of Host-Parasite Associations
John P. Huelsenbeck
Bruce Rannala
Bret Larget
Population Genetics and Cospeciation: From 120(24)
Process to Pattern
Bruce Rannala
Yannis Michalakis
Empirical Examples
New Evidence for Hystricognath Rodent 144(30)
Monophyly From the Phylogeny of their Pinworms
J.-P. Hugot
Cospeciation and Horizontal Transmission 174(21)
Rates in the Murine Leukemia-Related
Joanne Martin
Peter Kabat
Michael Tristem
Cophylogeny Between Pocket Gophers and 195(26)
Chewing Lice
Mark S. Hafner
James W. Demastes
Theresa A. Spradling
David L. Reed
The Effects of Spatial and Temporal Scale on 221(19)
Analyses of Cophylogeny
James W. Demastes
Theresa A. Spradling
Mark S. Hafner
Have Mammals and Their Chewing Lice 240(22)
Diversified in Parallel?
Jason Taylor
Andy Purvis
Coevolutionary History of Ecological 262(25)
Replicates: Comparing Phylogenies of Wing and
Body Lice to Columbiform Hosts
Kevin P. Johnson
Dale H. Clayton
Drowning on Arrival, Missing the Boat, and 287(23)
X-Events: How Likely are Sorting Events?
Adrian M. Paterson
Ricardo L. Palma
Russell D. Gray
The Ecological Basis of Coevolutionary History 310(33)
Dale H. Clayton
Sarah Al-Tamimi
Kevin P. Johnson
Index 343