The Educational Leadership Challenge : Redefining Leadership for the 21st Century (Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education)

The Educational Leadership Challenge : Redefining Leadership for the 21st Century (Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education)

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Full Description

Part I of the National Society for the Study of Education's 101st yearbook explores the changing context of educational leadership in the twenty-first century through the lenses of school improvement, social justice, and democratic community. Authors discuss topics such as leadership roles for teachers, principals, and superintendents; rethinking professional development for school leaders; school improvement processes for building instructional capacity; and the evolving role of leadership in education over time.

Table of Contents

The National Society for the Study of Education    iv
Dedication v
Board of Directors of the Society, 2000-2001; vii
Contributors to the Yearbook
About the Editor ix
Editor's Preface xi
Section One Building the Foundation for
Understanding and Action
Understanding the Evolving Concept of 1 (19)
Leadership in Education: Roles, Expectations,
and Dilemmas
Ellen Goldring
William Greenfield
Section Two Understanding the Challenges of
School and District Leadership at the Dawn of a
New Century
The Contextual Terrain Facing Educational, 20 (22)
Catherine A. Lugg
Katrina Bulkeley
William A. Firestone
C. William Garner
Unpacking the Challenges of Leadership at the 42 (23)
School and District Level
Kenneth Leithwood
Nona Prestine
Section Three Reculturing the Profession
Reculturing the Profession of Educational 65 (18)
Leadership: New Blueprints
Joseph Murphy
School Improvement Processes and Practices: 83 (22)
Professional Learning for Building
Instructional Capacity
James P. Spillane
Karen Seashore Louis
Leadership for Democratic Community in Schools 105(29)
Gail C. Furman
Robert J. Starratt
Leadership for Social Justice 134(28)
Colleen L. Larson
Khaula Murtadha
Section Four Reshaping Leadership in Action
Building Leadership into the Roles of Teachers 162(27)
Mark A. Smylie
Sharon Conley
Helen Marks
Reshaping the Role of the School Principal 189(22)
Gary M. Crow
Charles S. Hausman
Jay Paredes Scribner
Shifts in the Discourse Defining the 211(28)
Superintendency: Historical and Current
Foundations of the Position
C. Cryss Brunner
Margaret Grogan
Lars Bjork
Repositioning Lay Leadership: Policymaking 239(22)
and Democratic Deliberation
Sharon F. Rallis
Mark R. Shibles
Austin Swanson
Section Five Recasting the Development of
School Leaders
Preparing School Leaders for School 261(28)
Improvement, Social Justice, and Community
Diana Pounder
Ulrich Reitzug
Michelle Young
Rethinking the Professional Development of 289(18)
School Leaders
Frances K. Kochan
Paul Bredeson
Carolyn Riehl
Name Index 307(2)
Subject Index 309(3)
Publications of the Society 312