Love Stories : Sex between Men before Homosexuality

Love Stories : Sex between Men before Homosexuality

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Full Description

Abraham Lincoln arrived in Springfield, Illinois, on April 15, 1837, and met Joshua Fry Speed, who offered the new legislator half of his double bed. The two shared that bed for more than three years, and Speed would later recall that "no two men were ever more intimate". The story of Lincoln's relationship with Speed, which opens this book, transports us into a forgotten world of love between men. Jonathan Ned Katz presents stories of men's intimacies with men in the 19th century, tales with all the features of a good novel: engaging characters, moving conflicts and surprising revelations. Katz draws flesh-and-blood portraits of these intimate friendships, and traces the way men struggled to name, define and defend their deep feelings for one another. Some of these portraits are love stories, some are sex stories, some are stories about love and sex. In a world before "gay" and "straight" referred to sexuality, men like Lincoln, Walt Whitman, John Addington Symonds and James Mills Peirce created new, affirmative ways of naming and conceiving their intimacies with other men. Katz quotes diaries, letters, newspapers, and poems to offer glimpses into an uncharted territory of romance and eros. "Love Stories" is an original and engaging take on sexual diversity over time. By this book's end its many chronicles coalesce into a beautiful portrait of the varieties of love and lust in another social era.

Table of Contents

Love Stories in Brief                              ix
PART I Searching for Words
No Two Men Were Ever More Intimate 3 (23)
Dear Beloved Trio 26 (7)
A Gentle Angel Entered 33 (12)
PART II Making Monsters
Already Do the Beastly Sodomites of Gotham 45 (15)
Abominable and Detestable Crimes 60 (17)
The Man Monster 77 (18)
PART III Coming Together, Coming to Terms
Voices of Sexes and Lusts 95 (28)
Sincere Friends 123(10)
A Major Fell in Love with a Boy 133(14)
I got the Boys 147(17)
Yes, I Will Talk of Walt 164(14)
In the Name of Calamus Listen to Me! 178(10)
A Heart Full of Love and Longing 188(14)
Empty Chair, Empty Bed, Empty House 202(18)
I Wish You Would Put the Ring on My Finger 220(15)
PART IV Going Public
He Cannot Be Oblivious of Its Plainer Meanings 235(11)
Wild with Passion 246(11)
I Cannot Get Quite to the Bottom of Calamus 257(15)
Ardent and Physical Intimacies 272(16)
Men Given to Unnatural Practices 288(9)
To Unite for Defense 297(11)
A Natural, Pure, and Sound Passion 308(9)
Abnormal Passion 317(4)
A Much More Intimate Communion 321(9)
Sex and Affection between Men---Then and Now 330(15)
Acknowledgments 345(6)
Notes 351(38)
Bibliography 389(18)
Index 407