A Natural History of the Chicago Region (Center Books on Chicago and Environs)

A Natural History of the Chicago Region (Center Books on Chicago and Environs)

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Full Description

If you had canoed in July of 1673 with Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet - the first Europeans known to have visisted the Chicago region - you would have passed through a landscape harbouring a biological richness in some ways unsurpassed anywhere else on the planet. Poised on the fertile broderlands where hardwood forests met tallgrass prairies, and rivers and streams meandered through expansive wetlands and into vast lakes, the area teemed with wildlife. In the sweeping "A Natural History of the Chicago Region", Joel Greenberg takes you on a journey that begins with these European explorers and settlers and hasn't ended yet. Along the way he introduces you to the physical forces that have shaped the area from southeastern Wisconsin to northern Indiana and Berrien country in Michigan; the various habitat types present in the region and how European settlement has affected them; and the insects, reptiles and amphibians, birds, fish and mammals found in them, then amidst the settlers and now amidst the skyscrapers.This is a fascinating story told with humour and passion, of forests battling prairies for dominance; of prairies ploughed, wetlands drained, and species driven extinct in the settlement of the Midwest; and of caring conservationists fighting to preserve and restore the native plants and animals. Intermingling period quotes from early settlers and naturalists with current scientific information, Greenberg places the natural history of the region in human context, showing how it affects our everyday existence in even the most urbanized landscapes. Charming, compelling and compassionate, "A Natural History of the Chicago Region" has much to offer historians, as well as any fan of natural history, from birders, hikers and paddlers to restorationists and ecologists.

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments                        xiii
The Great Forces 1 (15)
Ice Sculptor: Glaciation 3 (7)
Fertility Underfoot: Soils 10 (1)
Atmospheric Impacts: Climate and Weather 11 (3)
Burned to Life: Fire 14 (1)
A New Force 15 (1)
In Quality Unexcelled: Prairie Types and 16 (21)
Of Breezes and Braided Roots: The Grasses 17 (2)
Where Spring Begins: The Gravel Prairies 19 (3)
The Richest of All: The Black-Soil Prairies 22 (6)
On the Bones of Earth: The Dolomite Prairies 28 (6)
Dr. Clute's Domain: The Sand Prairies of 34 (3)
In Quality Diminished: Prairie Settlement and 37 (27)
Under the Fleur-de-lis: The French Period 37 (1)
The Prairie Resists: Treelessness, Fire, 38 (4)
Disease, and Other Barriers to Settlement
The Defenses Crumble but Some Prairie 42 (7)
The Turning Point for Prairie Conservation: 49 (2)
Goose Lake Prairie
Prairie Tales: A Few Prairies and the 51 (9)
Battles to Save Them
Protecting the Protected: Prairie 60 (4)
Stewardship and Management
The Nearly Vanished Transitions: Shrublands 64 (11)
and Savannas
Gone So Quickly: The Deep-Soil Shrublands 64 (6)
and Savannas
All Sorts of Floral Treasures: The Sand 70 (3)
Savannas and Shrublands
Like Nowhere Else on Earth: The Savanna of 73 (2)
Langham Island
Witnesses to History: Forests 75 (40)
Letting in the Light: Oak Forests 76 (8)
Where Shadows Reign: The Mesic Forests 84 (10)
Raised in Flood and Drought: The Lowland 94 (3)
Mostly on or under the Trees: Lichens and 97 (3)
From Lumber to Ecosystems: Utilization and 100 (11)
Knotty Questions: How Best to Treat Local 111 (4)
Of Two Worlds: Wetlands 115 (25)
The Pilgrim's Progress to Section 404: 115 (3)
Destruction and Conservation of Wetlands
On a Cusp: Sedge Meadows and Marshes 118 (11)
Wiggly Fields: Bogs and Fens 129 (11)
The Last Wilderness: Lake Michigan 140 (37)
The Sullying of Lake Michigan: Pollution 142 (1)
Floaters, Bottom Dwellers, and a Filter 143 (9)
Feeder Run Amok: The Plankton and Benthos
Agents of Change: Commercial Fishing and 152 (12)
Alien Species
Victims of Change: Native Fish 164 (13)
Approaching the Way: Rivers and Small Lakes 177 (39)
Rivers in Flux 178 (7)
Current Affairs: River Ecology 185 (10)
River Atrophy: The Disappearing Mussels 195 (9)
Like Crystals on the Landscape: The Small 204 (12)
Glacial Lakes
Casualties of a Modern World: The Marshes of 216 (26)
the Kankakee and Calumet
Two Thousand Bends of a Silver Thread: The 217 (10)
Kankakee's Great Marsh
The Marsh That Will Not Die: The Calumet 227 (15)
Lake Michigan's Rim: Beaches, Dunes, and 242 (49)
Setting the Scene 242 (3)
So Many Fine Examples of Rare and Beautiful 245 (15)
Species: Natural Communities of the Indiana
By Their Deeds Ye Shall Know Them: 260 (12)
Utilization and Conservation the Indiana
Steeper and More Mesic: The Dunes of 272 (3)
Berrien County
Not All Treasure Is at the Rainbow's End: 275 (12)
The Western Dunelands
Cool Shadowy Slopes: The Bluffs and Ravines 287 (4)
Many More Than We Know: Insects 291 (26)
Beleaguered Beetles, Mystery Moths, and a 292 (8)
Rediscovered Dragonfly: A Smattering of
Endangered Insects
Flitting on the Edge: The Mitchell's Satyr 300 (6)
and the Karner Blue
Mere Patches in Time and Space: The Corpse 306 (2)
as Ecosystem and Forensic Entomology
Conspicuous on a Large Scale: Insect Swarms 308 (5)
The Musical Brood: Periodic Cicadas 313 (4)
Survivors in Trouble: Reptiles and Amphibians 317 (30)
In the Soup and Pets of Plunder: Turtles 318 (8)
Long and Suffering: Snakes (and Three 326 (5)
Winding through History: Massasauga 331 (6)
Under Cover or on the March: Salamanders 337 (3)
The Plight of the Choristers: Frogs and 340 (7)
Of Extinction and Resurrection: Passenger 347 (24)
Pigeon, Prairie Chicken Sandhill Crane, and
Colonial Nesters
Remembering Martha and Her Kin: Passenger 347 (5)
A Chronicle of the Boom Times: Prairie 352 (6)
The Triumph of the Trumpeters: Sandhill 358 (5)
Changing Status of the Colonial Nesters: 363 (8)
Herons, Cormorants, and Gulls
For Everything There Is a Season: Birds 371 (44)
through the Year
Nesting Season: Birds of Woodlands 371 (9)
Nesting Season: Birds of Grasslands and 380 (11)
In Passage: Migration and Vagrancy 391 (17)
Thriving in the Cold: Wintering Birds 408 (7)
Figures in Fur: Mammals 415 (45)
What a Time It Must Have Been: Extirpated 416 (10)
They Fly by Night: Bats 426 (3)
Burrowers, Tree Dwellers, and Engineers: 429 (10)
Insectivores and Rodents
Adaptable Song Dog of City and Suburb: The 439 (6)
Meet the Neighbors: Raccoons, Opossums, and 445 (5)
The Metamorphosis of Bambi: White-Tailed 450 (10)
Conclusion Entering the New Century: Prospects 460
for the Future
Do Go Gentle into That Good Fight: 460 (6)
Ecological Restoration and Construction
Sharing Space: Institutional Trends 466 (3)
A Place for All: Midewin National Tallgrass 469
Prairie and Prairie Parklands
Appendix 427 (49)
Notes 476 (44)
Bibliography 520 (41)
Index 561