The Mitrokhin Archive: The KGB in Europe and the West

The Mitrokhin Archive: The KGB in Europe and the West

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'One of the biggest intelligence coups in recent years' The TimesFor years KGB operative Vasili Mitrokhin risked his life hiding top-secret material from Russian secret service archives beneath his family dacha. When he was exfiltrated to the West he took with him what the FBI called 'the most complete and extensive intelligence ever received from any source'. This extraordinary bestselling book is the result. 'Co-authored in a brilliant partnership by Christopher Andrew and the renegade Soviet archivist himself ... This is a truly global expose of major KGB penetrations throughout the Western world' The Times'This tale of malevolent spymasters, intricate tradecraft and cold-eyed betrayal reads like a cold war novel' Time'Sensational ... the most informed and detailed study of Soviet subversive intrigues worldwide' Spectator'The most comprehensive addition to the subject ever published' Sunday Telegraph


The Mitrokhin archive; from Lenin's Cheka to Stalin's OGPU; the great illegals; the magnificent five; terror; war; the grand alliance; victory; from war to Cold War; the main adversary - part 1, North American illegals in the 1950s; the main adversary - part 2, walk-ins and legal residencies in the early Cold War; the main adversary - part 3, illegals after "Abel"; the main adversary -part 4, walk-ins and legal residencies in the later Cold War; political warfare - active measures and the main adversary; progress operations - part 1, crushing the Prague spring; progress operations - part 2, spying on the Soviet Bloc; the KGB and Western communist parties; Eurocommunism; ideological subversion -part 1, the war against the dissidents; SIGINT in the Cold War; special tasks - part 1, from Marshal Tito to Rudolf Nureyev; special tasks - part 2, the Andropov era and beyond; Cold War operations against Britain - part 1, after the magnificent five; Cold War operations against Britain - part 2, after operation FOOT; the Federal Republic of Germany; France and Italy during the Cold War - agent penetration and active measures; the penetration and persecution of the Soviet churches; the Polish Pope and the rise of Solidarity; the Polish crisis and the crumbling of the Sovier Bloc; conclusion - from the one-party state to the Putin Presidency - the role of Russian intelligence; appendices.