Mineralogy : A Geologist's Point of View

Mineralogy : A Geologist's Point of View

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Full Description

This book on minerals has been assembled by a geologist who has taught elementary mineralogy for several decades. The presentation of mineralogical information in this book builds from atomistic components, thorough geochemical principles, to the formation of crystal structures and crystallization processes in Part 1. This is followed by classical morphological characterization of crystals and then to the physical properties of minerals in Part II. Crystallographic classification of minerals is presented in Part III with emphasis on geologist-friendly visualization. This is succeeded by chapters on the roles that minerals play in rock-forming process in Part IV, that in this book is expanded beyond the abbreviated treatment characteristic of most other mineralogy textbooks. Part V is an updated review of instrumental techniques that are used in the study of mineralogical materials, including separate chapters on X-ray diffraction and "cook-book" optical mineralogy. The final two chapters, in Part VI, present the systematics of mineral classification in accord with the modified Dana classification, and an alphabetical description of minerals. The strengths of this book is the upgraded classical mineralogy, the inclusion of geochemical and geological aspects of mineralogy, and appropriate level of optical mineralogy and an exceptionally thorough section on analytical instrumentation and techniques.


Part I Formation of Minerals 1 Atoms, Ions, and Aqueous Solutions 2 Chemical Thermodynamics 3 Crystal Structure 4 Crystallization and Dissolution of Minerals Part II Physical Aspects of Minerals 5 Crystal Morphology 6 Physical Properties of Minerals Part III Crystallographic Classification of Minerals 7 Crystal Classes and Point Groups 8 Space Groups Part IV Minerals in the Geologic Environment 9 Minerals as Geothermometers, Geobarometers, and Geochronometers 10 Minerals of Magmatic Systems 11 Minerals of Granitic Pegmatite Systems 12 Minerals of Hydrothermal and Fumarolic Systems 13 Minerals of the Atmosphere Surface, Water Bodies, and Subsurface Water Systems 14 Minerals of Metamorphic and Parametamorphic Systems 15 Minerals of the Moon, Meteorites, and Impact Craters Part V Analytical Instrumentation and Techniques 16 Chemical Analysis and Physical Determinations 17 Powder and Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction 18 Optical Mineralogy Part VI Mineral Systematics and Descriptions 19 Chemical-Structural Classification of Minerals 20 Mineral Descriptions - An Alphabetical Catalog Appendix A Mineral Determination Table Appendix B Mineral and Rock Photography Appendix C Classification of Magmatic, Granitic Pegmatite, Hydrothermal, Metamorphic, and Clastic Sedimentary Rocks and Minerals Appendix D Chemical, Geochemical, and Biochemical Properties of the Elements Appendix E X-ray Diffraction 2/theta d-spacing Conversion Table Appendix F Geologic Time Scale Appendix G Grain and Mesh Sizes Appendix H Computer Programs and Software for Crystallography and Mineralogy