The New Solution Selling : The Revolutionary Process That Is Changing the Way People Sell (2ND)


The New Solution Selling : The Revolutionary Process That Is Changing the Way People Sell (2ND)

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  • 製本 Hardcover:ハードカバー版/ページ数 288 p.
  • 言語 ENG
  • 商品コード 9780071435390
  • DDC分類 658.85


On streamlining the sales process to achieve greater success in fewer steps and a shorter time frame.

Full Description

This book presents the powerful and proven Solution Selling[registered] process, updated for today's high-speed, higher-pressure sales challenges The original "Solution Selling" rewrote the rules for the sales profession. Today, the revolutionary yet practical Solution Selling method remains the primary selling process for salespeople competing in every industry around the world, and in every size of business - from the smallest firms to the largest Fortune 500 corporations. "The New Solution Selling" comprehensively updates this proven effective approach to help you succeed with today's no-nonsense markets and buyers.A practical guide designed to provide hands-on value to frontline salespeople as well as sales managers and executives, this step-by-step book shows you how to streamline the sales process by: understanding your buyers, their situations and, most importantly, their needs; supplying mutually defined solutions to your customers' recognized problems; gaining access to key decision makers; controlling the buying process; and, defining milestones that can be measured and forecasted. Solution Selling first won its well-earned reputation among technology companies.Now "The New Solution Selling" shows how the same principles and process may be applied to any business relationship in any industry.This results-based book will show you how to improve your sales performance by first understanding your customers' challenges - and then providing intelligent, accessible, and field-proven solutions to those challenges. 'We have put the principles of Solution Selling[registered] at the core of our selling process - helping all of our 5,000-strong sales professionals, and thousands of Microsoft's business partners, consistently apply proven sales principles to make a real difference to our customers and meet expectations. "The New Solution Selling" describes how top-performing salespeople behave, and how this behavior fosters success - for both the customer and the salesperson' - Kevin Johnson, Group VP Worldwide Sales, Marketing, and Services, Microsoft (From the Foreword).The sales profession has changed tremendously in the past decade. Buyers who once made time to discuss their problems now expect sales professionals to have the business acumen that's necessary to understand and diagnose those problems before they arrive.More importantly, these buyers will only listen to - and buy from - salespeople who can provide them with solutions that are both convincing and workable. "The New Solution Selling" shows how to apply the proven Solution Selling approach in the can't-stop-to-talk pace of today's business. The result is a logical and practical process for sales success, one that improves both individual productivity and organizational return on investment.This important book features: completely updated Solution Selling sales process, principles, and management systems for today's tough sales environment; new tools designed to increase the quality and velocity of sales pipeline opportunities; improved methods for overcoming the all-too-common situation when your product is not your buyer's first choice - or even their second; new techniques for dramatically improving your prospecting accuracy and success; and, effective strategies for shifting an organization's focus from product selling to Solution Selling - at every level, throughout every operation.The original edition of "Solution Selling" changed the face of selling by transforming the rules for one-to-one selling."The New Solution Selling" focuses on streamlining the proven Solution Selling process by showing you how to quickly understand and address your buyers' problems, use your offerings to provide insightful and workable solutions to those problems, and dramatically decrease the time spent between initial qualification and a successful, profitable close.NER(01): WOW