Biomedical Imaging, Visualization, and Analysis  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Robb, Richard A.

  • Wiley-Liss(1999/11発売)
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Textbook of Biochemistry with Clinical Correlations 6th Ed + Human Molecular Genetics 2nd Ed Set  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Devlin, Thomas M.

  • Wiley-Liss(2006/08発売)
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Imaging Handbook for House Officers  Paperback,  言語:ENG

Silverman, Paul M. (EDT)/ Quint, Douglas J. (EDT)

  • Wiley-Liss(1997/01発売)
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Down Syndrome : Living and Learning in the Community  Paperback,  言語:ENG

Nadel, Lynn (EDT)/ Rosenthal, Donna (EDT)/ Nadel, Lynn/ International

  • Wiley-Liss(1995/01発売)
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Mood Disorders Across the Life Span  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Shulman, Kenneth I. (EDT)/ Tohen, Mauricio (EDT)/ Kutcher, Stanley P.

  • Wiley-Liss(1996/06発売)
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Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery : Imaging Strategies and Surgical Decision-Making  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Evans, Stephen R. T. (EDT)/ Ascher, Susan M. (EDT)

  • Wiley-Liss(1998/01発売)
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Stroke Therapy : Basic, Preclinical, and Clinical Directions  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Miller, Leonard P. (EDT)

  • Wiley-Liss(1999/01発売)
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Three-Dimensional Biomedical Imaging : Principles and Practice  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Robb, Richard A.

  • Wiley-Liss(1994/12発売)
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The Human Fossil Record : Craniodental Morphology of Genus Homo, (Africa and Asia) (Human Fossil Record) 〈2〉  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Schwartz, Jeffrey H. (EDT)/ Tattersall, Ian (EDT)

  • Wiley-Liss(2003/06発売)
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Electronic Light Microscopy : The Principles and Practice of Video-Enhanced Contrast, Digital Intensified Fluorescence, and Confocal Scanning Light M  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Shotton, David (EDT)

  • Wiley-Liss(1993/03発売)
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