Applied Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics : Principles of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (4TH)

Applied Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics : Principles of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (4TH)

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The definitive advanced-level clinical pharmacokinetics text is now in its Fourth Edition, with new emphasis on the relationship between pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

Table of Contents

Dedication and Acknowledgment                      v
Preface vii
Contributing Authors ix
Editorial Review Board xiii
General Principles of Clinical 3 (5)
William E. Evans
Guidelines for Collection and Analysis of 8 (22)
Pharmacokinetic Data
William J. Jusko
Critical Evaluation of Methods for 30 (10)
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Victor W. Armstrong
Michael Oellerich
Analysis of Pharmacokinetic Data for 40 (20)
Individualizing Drug Dosage Regimens
John H. Rodman
David Z. D'Argenio
Carl C. Peck
Pharmacodynamics 60 (22)
Richard L. Lalonde
Influence of Protein Binding and Use of 82 (39)
Unbound (Free) Drug Concentrations
Janis J. MacKichan
Drug Metabolism, Transport, and the 121 (44)
Influence of Hepatic Disease
Angela D.M. Kashuba
Joohyun J. Park
Adam M. Persky
Kim L.R. Brouwer
Application of Pharmacogenetic Principles 165 (22)
to Clinical Pharmacology
Mark W. Linder
William E. Evans
Howard L. McLeod
Influence of Renal Function and Dialysis on 187 (26)
Drug Disposition
Gary R. Matzke
Thomas J. Comstock
Special Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic 213 (18)
Considerations in Children
Holly D. Maples
Laura P. James
Cindy D. Stowe
Special Pharmacokinetic Considerations in 231 (11)
the Obese
Robert A. Blouin
Mary H.H. Ensom
Dietary Influences on Drug Disposition 242 (15)
Mary H.H. Ensom
Robert A. Blouin
Asthma Management 259 (26)
Glenn J. Whelan
Stanley J. Szefler
Aminoglycosides 285 (43)
Jerome J. Schentag
Alison K. Meagher
Roger W. Jelliffe
Vancomycin 328 (13)
Pamela A. Moise-Broder
Microbiologic, Clinical, and Economic 341 (13)
Outcomes of Dual Individualized Dosing of
Antimicrobial Agents
Joseph A. Paladino
Jerome J. Schentag
Antivirals for HIV 354 (56)
Craig R. Rayner
Michael J. Dooley
Roger L. Nation
Digoxin 410 (30)
Jerome J. Schentag
Anthony J. Bang
Jennifer L. Kozinski-Tober
Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Oral 440 (23)
Antiarrhythmic Drugs
Jerry L. Bauman
Harumi Takahashi
James H. Fischer
Phenytoin 463 (28)
Michael E. Winter
Thomas N. Tozer
Antiepileptic Drugs 491 (21)
William R. Garnett
Gail D. Anderson
Rebeccah J. Collins
Cyclosporine 512 (17)
Atholl Johnston
David W. Holt
Tacrolimus 529 (34)
Uwe Christians
Taveesak Pokaiyavanichkul
Laurence Chan
Mycophenolic Acid 563 (32)
Arthur Nawrocki
Magdalena Korecka
Sandra Solari
Juseop Kang
Leslie M. Shaw
Sirolimus 595 (22)
Barry D. Kahan
Kimberly L. Napoli
Anticancer Agents 617 (20)
William P. Petros
William E. Evans
Heparin --- UFH and LMWH 637 (78)
Keith A. Rodvold
Sharon M. Erdman
Kelly A. Sprandel
Robert J. Cipolle
Eleanor S. Pollak
Warfarin 715 (37)
Stuart T. Haines
Thomas Dowling
R. Donald Harvey, III
Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and 752 (29)
Tilo Grosser
Cyclic Antidepressants 781 (17)
C. Lindsay DeVane
Lithium 798 (15)
Tawny L. Bettinger
M. Lynn Crismon
Antipsychotics 813 (26)
James M. Perel
Michael W. Jann
Appendix: A Critical Assessment of the Outcomes 839 (10)
of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Mary H.H. Ensom
Michael E. Burton
Index 849