Comprehensive Chemical Contaminants Handbook of Environmental Data on Organic Chemicals  Hardcover


  • Van Nostrand Reinhold(1996/01発売)
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Comprehensive Chemical Contaminants Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary (12 CDR)  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Lewis, Richard J.

  • Van Nostrand Reinhold(1996/01発売)
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A Modernist View of Plated Desserts : Grand Finales  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Boyle, Tish (EDT)/ Moriarty, Timothy (EDT)/ Uher, John (PHT)

  • Van Nostrand Reinhold(1997/11発売)
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The Construction Superintendent's Handbook (Competitive Contractor Series)  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Levy, Sidney M.

  • Van Nostrand Reinhold(1992/08発売)
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Electrical and Instrumentation Safety for Chemical Processes  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Buschart, Richard J.

  • Van Nostrand Reinhold(1991/09発売)
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Geologic Evolution of Atlantic Continental Rises  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Poag, C. Wylie/ Graciansky, Pierre-charles De (EDT)

  • Van Nostrand Reinhold(1992/07発売)
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The Colours of Opaque Minerals  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Peckett, A./ Phillips, R./ Henry, N. F. M.

  • Van Nostrand Reinhold(1992/02発売)
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Geographic Markets : Modeling and Decision Support Analysis  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Oppenheim, Norbert

  • Van Nostrand Reinhold(1995/12発売)
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Canola and Rapeseed : Production, Chemistry, Nutrition, and Processing Technology  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Shahidi, Fereidoon

  • Van Nostrand Reinhold(1990/12発売)
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Jade  Hardcover,  言語:ENG

Keverne, Roger

  • Van Nostrand Reinhold(1991/10発売)
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