【Books Kinokuniya Tokyo】 2020 French Book Summer Bargain Sale

SOLDES! 2020 Summer Bargain Sale on French Books
(and some German, Spanish and Italian books)

Our summer sale starts with French books! 2,000 copies of fiction, children's books, humanities, nonfiction, and books on Japan will be sold at special prices. We will also have a small section of German, Spanish, and Italian books. Up to 60% off our usual prices!

WHERE: Books Kinokuniya Tokyo event space near Takashimaya escalator
WHEN: June 27th Sat to July 7th Tue, 2020
★BUSINESS HOURS: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm daily
★For information and directions: 03-5361-3316

★Because these are sale items, we cannot answer questions about title availability or set aside items for later purchase.

★En Français, voir cidessous pour plus de précisions

2020.06.26 イベントに行こう  Book Sale France French くらし こども 文学 livres francais 売れてる! 東京 SALE 洋書