【Books Kinokuniya Tokyo】 2018 NEW YEAR SALE 洋書初売りセール! 2018 Jan 2nd Tue - Jan 4th Thurs

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January 2nd Tuesday -- January 4th Thursday, 2018
10:00 am to 8:30 pm






New books, new year - an exciting event for fellow bookworms!!

Our NEW YEAR'S SALE will be between January 2nd (Tue) to 4th (Thurs).


20% OFF all imported books and magazines

50% OFF
all imported calendars

It's a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite authors for the winter. We have fiction, nonfiction, business, science, dictionaries, ELT, children's books, young adult, travel guides, art, photography, design, architecture, movies, music, sports, as well as French, German, Italian and Spanish books.

In addition, we will have our famous 'fukubukuro' - lucky bags with a bunch of great books inside. No peeking! :)

*Discount applies to imported books, magazines and calendars (not for materials published in Japan), and for in-store stock only. Other restrictions may apply - feel free to ask our staff.


Facebook: @BooksKinokuniyaTokyo
Twitter: @Kino_BKT

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